Simple Guns: reworked

16,024 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 7, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

A little mod that will grow every month. add a gun, a shotgun. a sniper, a molotov, a muffler, bullets and a bazooka 


The weapons of the mod must be reloaded and have a specific storage space. They also have cooldown when recharged  

Guns in action:


discord server of the progress of my mods:



new update!!
thanks for the 11k downloads, new models for the m9, shotgun, double shotgun and ak-47 !!

thanks for the 5,400 downloads!

new update
-Now the shotguns damage more than 1 mob, since they fire several projectiles at the same time (like pellets)
-Now the molotov destroys some plants and the fire area is bigger
-Now weapons look better in inventory}

-nerfed some guns


  thanks for the 3000 downloads


 The update I had planned is too big and it will take me a while to do it, so this 3k downloads update will only be to add a new weapon


-new gun: M1 Grand




-thanks for the 2000 downloads

-now you can shot without having bullets in creative


-the ak47 was added as thanks for the 2000 downloads, it has sounds and 3d model


-thanks for the 1000 downloads!

now all weapons have custom sounds when firing and reloading

some weapons were balanced and there are 2 new weapons:

the submachine gun and the double barrel shotgun!





submachcine gun
storage: 32
ammo: pistol ammo
power: medium
is automatic   :O




double barrel shotgun
storage: 2
ammo: shotgun ammo
power: very high
0 cooldown and fast reload





storage: 5
ammo: rifle ammo
power: very high
includes sight and has very large range



storage: 1
ammo: rocket
power: very high
projectiles explode



storage: 2
ammo:  shotgun ammo
power: high
fast cooldown 



storage: 15
ammo: pistol ammo
power: medium

0 cooldown




storage: 30
ammo: rifle ammo
power: medium high


M1 Grand
ammo: rifle ammo
power: high

0 cooldown



molotov, ammos and muffler




with H you recharge the weapons. 

with R you turn on the zoom of the sniper



things planned:
Desert eagle (gun)




Smoke bombs

Automatic combat shotgun

Zombies with guns


Gun dealers




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