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The Monk Mod


Mod made for Modjnam 2018.


With this mod you can:

- Break blocks without tools

- Forgo armor for natural defense.

- Catch arrows out of the air.

- Dishonored-style blink ability.

- Walk on water.

- Kiss creepers.

- Have staring contests with skeletons.


and much more...


To get started, harvest a wooden log with an empty hand, and you should get the first 'advancement' (advancements can be seen on Minecraft's 'Esc' menu). These advancements will provide a guide of what you need to do on your spiritual quest to be the best monk you can be. There are 20 levels, and each level has a mini-quest attached to it that unlocks an ability when completed.


This mod was designed to be played without using tools or amor (bows are okay). Some abilities will only be available if you have no armor or no tools.


It is recommended that you play in survival mode as some of the quests cannot unlock if you are in creative.