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The Lost Worlds [Forge]


The Lost Worlds

Alpha 11c for 1.16.5


Looking for Coding Help - Contact Willatendo Here or On Discord

Our Team:

  • Lead Developer/Programer:
    • Willatendo
  • 3d Artist:
    • Dapper Dino (Raptor Rex)
  • Item and Block Textures:
    • Santispik3 (Former)



Downport to x.x.x?

No. If someone ported and uploaded, I'll link it but there will never be an official port to any other version than supported.

When will the next—

Stop right there, don't ask. If you want updates and estimations, go to our Discord, but otherwise, don't ask.

Can I use this in a modpack?

Yes, just give us credit. I really don't care otherwise. CurseForge, anywhere.

Can I join the Dev team?

Contact Willatendo here or on Discord to help.

Can I post this on x website?

No, I will ask any that repost be taken down for the safety of people looking for the mod.

Is it dead?



Recommended to use JEI with this mod.

For help, you can ask someone on the Discord Server or you can look on the wiki.


Official Discord Server Link Here!


Mod Features:

The Permian:

The last period of the Paleozoic, the Permian is a very dead area. With the combined efforts of the Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse and the combination of the two super continents, Gondwana and Laurasia lead to some of the driest time of the Earth's history. You can explore the world, just a small time before the end, when massive flood basalt eruptions in Siberia killed 81% of marine species and 70% of terrestrial vertebrate species. Find mammalian ancestors, Gorgonops, Dimetrodon.


The Jurassic:

The middle of the Mesozoic, the Jurassic is a rich time era. Dinosaurs have won the race to win the game of evolution and are expanding and taking over the world! Dinosaurs spread across many new continents as Pangaea breaks apart. Explore a large lush world with some of the most famous dinosaurs!


The Cretaceous:

The end of the Mesozoic, the Cretaceous is a rich time era. Dinosaurs are at the end of their time on Earth; but are thriving. Though the era will end with a meteor slamming into the Earth, there is a plethora of animals and environments to explore.


Building Your Own Park:

With the many plethora of blocks in the mod, you'll find all you need to recreate Jurassic Park and Jurassic World! Using the many soon-to-come machines, revive all of the creatures you want in your own lab!


Important Warning:

This mod is still in alpha. Please be careful. Loading worlds version-to-version may cause missing blocks and items. Alpha 11 will fix this.


This mod is published and managed on Modrinth, CurseForge & Planet Minecraft. No other sites have been given permission to distribute my mod. I cannot guarantee your safety if you download this mod from any other site. If you download a virus, I cannot be held responsible.


Installation Guide:

 Standard Launcher: (Windows)

1. Download Forge 36.2.8 (Or Above), Download The Lost Worlds 1.0.0 & GeckoLib 3.0.33 (Or Above)

2. Standard Forge Install: 

  • Make sure you have run Minecraft 1.16.5 at least once.
  • Install Forge into your launcher. You might get a Windows firewall; Forge is a safe program to run.
  • Go into your Installations on the Minecraft Launcher.
  • Go into the Forge Profile.
  • Change it to how you will

3. (Optional) Change the directory from .minecraft to .minecraft- something to signify what is in this directory (example: .minecraft-lostworlds) to help keep organization, or skip this step.

4. (Optional) Run the game to create this directory.

5. Quit the game and type either in your file explorer or your Windows Search Bar: %appdata%

6. Go to your directory, and open up Mods folder. Or create if it didn't already.

7. Put Lost Worlds & GeckoLib into the folder.

8. Run the game and enjoy!