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Zoo Architect

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Zoo Architect requires Geckolib 



Zoo Architect is an aspiring zoologist's dream. Within this mod, you can build your very own zoo, with our 33 species of animals! Where was once safe, the Jungle is now home to 9 species of wildlife. Inside, you can find the species like the ferocious Jaguar, which will stalk you invisible with only its eyes shown, the majestic Flamingo, which are prey for Jaguars and are predators to Shrimp, the chill Capybara, which can be ridden with a Melon on a stick, and the stealthy Golden Lion Tamarin, which can be tamed to throw rocks and attack mobs and players. Aswell, the already hostile Desert is now home to 10 species of wildlife. Inside, you can come across animals like the Fennec Fox, which is nocturnal, but when it is active it will hunt small animals like Frilled Lizards and try to avoid Husks, the Steppe Eagle, which is the national bird of Egypt and also hunts smaller animals like Golden Lion Tamarins and Fennec Foxes, and the four snake species we have which all have different effects, such as poison, toxin, and venom. So without more speaking, go create your own zoo using Zoo Architect!




- Jaguar: A ferocious apex predator of the jungle. It can turn invisible and pounce to attack the player and its prey (capybara and other jungle species.)

- Capybara: A chill rodent found in the jungle. One of the predators of the Capybara is the Jaguar as mentioned above. You can ride Capybaras with a melon on a stick.

- Golden Lion Tamarin: A bright orange primate found in jungle biomes that can be tamed and can attack mobs that attacks the player. They also can throw rocks, and can sit just like any other pet in Minecraft, and can be nametagged "Baby" to give the tamarin a diaper,

- Manatee: A large "sea cow" found in waters like rivers, they can be found playing and basking at the bottom of the water.

- Fennec Fox: A small fox species (like the Fox in minecraft) that is nocturnal and can be found in deserts attacking smaller animals like Scorpions. Fennec Foxes also drop their hide when they die.

- Seal: Can be found swimming in ocean or basking on rock surfaces. They attack fish and are neutral, can be tamed with raw cod and will attack anything the owner attacks. Sharks eat these.

-Squirrels: When they feel threatened, they will run away as fast as they can. Wolves will attack squirrels, and so will foxes. Squirrels can climb up logs, and as we said before, it's extremely hard to kill them because of how fast they are. These can also be killed by Rat Poison. you can also rename a squirrel to "Hamza" and it will become a pikachu. they're bred with acorns

-Mice: The baseline prey of the mod, attacked by most predators; including Jaguars, Foxes (fennec and minecraft red fox), steppe eagles and multiple other creatures. they can be exterminated by Rat Poison. If you want to breed mice though, you will need to smelt milk; making Cheese. This is also a good addition for all the farmers, so they can do more with their milk. You can craft a new food with this addition aswell: Cheesecake. Cheesecake is made by using milk, cheese, and eggs. Or you can make a cheese sandwich. you can rename a mouse to remy and it will become the mouse from ratatouille

-Opossums: these scary little marsupials can be found near trees at day, at night their eyes glow red and they attack chickens and squirrels, if one of their predators is around them they’ll play dead and regenerate their health, so the predators don’t attack them, they can be tamed with chicken eggs and will attack anyone that attacks their owner, they can be bred with raw chicken.

-Deer: these beautiful creatures can have 2 forms, with antlers and without them, they shed their antlers every 7 days and grow them back after, when their antlers drop you can make them into a trophy by crafting them then putting them inside an item frame, killing them will drop venison meat which can be cooked and eaten.

-Timber wolves: spawning in packs they attack any livestock prey, they hunt in packs, the cubs sometimes like to play with each other, but don’t get close to the cubs or the whole pack will attack, they are untamable and because they are very skilled hunters and when they attack a mob it has a chance to drop a bone, they can be bred with raw venison.


- Flamingo: Large bird that is prey for jaguars, and they can be found around the world by rivers fishing for shrimp to eat. Flamingos are born grey and only turn pink when they eat enough shrimp.

- Vulture: A large scavenger found in deserts and badlands biomes looking for food to prey on. 

- Steppe Eagle: Another large bird of prey that preys on Fennec Foxes and can be found in desert biomes. The Steppe Eagle is a symbol of Egypt.

- Penguin: Spawns in icy biomes, they like to slide on their bellies for fun, great swimmers they attack shrimp, cod and salmon. If you drop them a raw shrimp, they will go to the nearest water source to fish for you.

-Cardinals: these lil birds fly around the forest as ambient mobs, they chirp around and make funny noises, using a spyglass to spot cardinals will grant you the achievement “Birdwatching!”.


- Chameleon: Small lizard species that spawns in jungles and can climb walls, they’re prey for jaguars, and they go invisible when any predators are near them, they drop their tail which can be made into a potion of 8-minute invisibility.

- Frilled Lizard: A small lizard species that runs around the desert, they can be commanded with scorpion tails to scare the nearest hostile mob using their frill, killing them drops frilled lizard meat which can be cooked, otherwise if eaten raw gives slowness and nausea.

- Black Mamba: A snake that can inflict a new effect that is toxin, which causes a blurry screen and deals 10 hearts of damage after 5 minutes if not cured.

- Rattlesnake: A snake that if you approach them, they will shoot off a loud rattle noise and when they attack, they inflict normal poison.

- Horned Viper: Snake species that submerges in the sand with only their head coming out, then they lunge at you affecting you with poison 2.

- King Cobra: Snake species that when you come close to them they become aggressive and open their hoods to intimidate predators, if they are aggressive and you are far away from them they will spit venom at you causing you to be blind for 10 seconds, if you are close to them then they will lunge at you affecting you with venom, which is like poison but bypasses armor and can kill you.


- Shrimp: A small crustacean that is prey for Flamingos and can be made into a Shrimp Sandwich.

- Leech: A small blood-sucking parasite found in swamps, jungles and rivers that will suck blood out of the animal or entity they leech on to. The leech will die if the entity jumps.

- Scorpion: An ambient mob crawling around the desert, getting close to them will make them sting you effecting you with poison, killing them drops a tail which can be used in feeding different mobs or breeding them.

- Crab: Spawning on beaches digging up sand to get iron nuggets, they attack sea turtles and will warn you if you get too close because they will pinch you. They drop crab legs which can be cooked.

- Copepod: Shrimp like crustacean which drops copepod meat, can't be cooked.

- Octopus: Found in deep ocean, they can camouflage on different blocks and drops raw tentacle which can be cooked and eaten.


- Lionfish: A medium sized fish that is poisonous but won't attack you unless you get to close. When killed it has a chance to drop a poisonous spine which can be crafted into a poison spear.

- Bass: An ambient fish that can be cooked.

- Great White Shark - A large shark swimming around the sea eating fish and seals, they will only eat humans if the human attacks them or if the human is half health or under. They swim away from dolphins.

- Manta Ray: Swims near the player and any hostile mob near them gets weakness 2.


-Salamanders: on fallen logs you can find some salamanders spawning on them, they are pretty small and have 3 health points, they love water and will dehydrate if they’re out of it for too long, so you have to rehydrate them with a water bottle or they'll die, you can name one "smaug" to get a funny red version of it.



Kale - Owner, Creating the mod, creating Curseforge and Modrinth page (Team Member)

Hamza - Owner, Coding the mod, Animations, thinking of ideas and making lists (Team Member)

Dylanvhs - Owner, Assetwork (Team Member)

Josh/Joosh - Assetwork, App Icons and Text (Team Member)

Graus - Assetwork (Team Member)

AyaanDB - Assetwork (Team Member)

Cbarfuis77 - Assetwork (Contributor)

MapleMoose - Assetwork (Contributor)

True Penut - Assetwork (Team Member)

The Sleepy Spino - Animations (Team Member)

LudoCrypt - Sound Design (Team Member)

Jely - Assetwork (Contributor)



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