The Lost Quiver

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Remember when Mojang was thinking about implementing quiver in minecraft in 1.9 but haven't made it? Well this mod did!
Mod adds quiver with 576 size(9 stacks) for arrows. You can put it in Chest and Legs slots additionally, if you wanna save your inventory space.


What this mod DOES:
* Any quiver that uses ItemArrow instance will be able to use quiver, e.g. vanilla bow, maybe some modded ones.
* You can put quiver in 2 armor slots, and in any inventory slot

* To get arrows from quiver Shift+RightClick
* To use quiver, right click to put some arrows in, it will search in your inventory and *drums* ON THE GROUND!
* Yes, you can pick up unpickable arrows like skeleton's, or from infinite bow, although some arrows are just broken so they will not shoot or will not go to quiver.


What this mod does NOT do:
* No texture when you have it in armor slots (I hope YET)
* You can NOT put tipped arrows in it, only vanilla ones. I hope I'll do it later

* There's also some bugs which you can look at on github issue tracker. Some of them are NOT FIXABLE. There's not much of them and they are not critical. You can still use quiver in most cases