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So you tired of this noisy sounds of nether portal in your house, but don't want to break it because occasionally you'll need like 4 netherracks for some mod in your modpack, and then you have to load world, find some monsters and oh crap, you just died :(
Annoying as it is.
But with this mod you will *almost* no longer need no use it, and plus you will save some resources as well as get rid of some common ones!

Mini Portal is a device crafted from 4 obsidian blocks and 1 torch(which is really small, so you'll never fit into it). But! You can fit some items in it!
Let's see the recipes.

And that's not the full list, you can see all of the recipes using JEI, needless to say some rare items like ghast tear or black skeleton head you can't get that simple, you have to build a normal portal. So that makes this mod realistic and balanced enough.

S\O to kandivia, I see you brother, thank you for the idea, but your texture was rly ugly XD
(I'll make animation rly soon!(not really))


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