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The Impish Tome is a mod idea I've had for a while now and I'm glad to finally have brought it into reality! It centres around expanding Minecraft’s lore by "unlocking" the long-forgotten mobs of old that once roamed the world. I hope to be able to make a vanilla friendly experience that not only acts as a fun addition to the game but help add lore to the various mobs and biomes you see in your world.


I've always felt like there's so much to Minecraft's history that isn't shown in the main game. So, I took it upon myself to make some additions to fill the gap. The mobs in this mod are all ancestors, distant relatives or have a part in the origin of the mobs already in the game and I encourage you to try and figure them out!

I made a small Google Site for a Full Feature List, but I'll focus on the main stuff here:
Lethium Gear:
Lethium is a powerful metal forged in the River Lethe dedicated purely for killing. It has a defence similar to that of diamond but a power rivalling Netherite. It can only be used to make weapons of war and is incapable of crafting normal tools (It can only be used for the new tool types: Sickles, Sabres, Sceptres and Hammers). They also seem to have a strange affinity for runes despite their low enchantability.


The Impish Instruments:
The Impish Instruments are ancient tools used by the eldritch bosses of the world. Indestructible and powerful, each possesses a unique power that grants the user certain strengths with some strange condition or price. For every great power, there is a greater tradeoff. They are created when Lethium Gear is combined with mob runes on a smithing table. It is recommended that you don't wear more than one at a time because their powers may clash and destroy you. All that is known about their identity is this poem taken from a page in the ancient Impish Tome:
A Thorny Helm and a Bloody Moon hold the power of Fungal Doom,
A Hallowed Armour and a Pure Blade wield the power of Pitch Black Shade.
A Royal Attire and a Serene Staff call the Ocean's Wrath,

A Dastardly Pair and a Great Gideon make a tremor felt for aeons-


These tiny gremlins are the true owners of the mooshroom islands. Despite their cute demeanour, they are highly territorial creatures. Their main goal is to spread endlessly and claim control of all the fauna around them, eating most grass in sight. They live thousands of years and collect knowledge in a hive mind to aid their plans for domination. They can shoot thorns that prick and damage enemies.


The Psygel are extremely intriguing and unique creatures because of their dual personality nature. They sport two distinct personas: a fierce and sadistic side that attacks all living things around it with highly damaging orbs of magic and a somewhat depressed side that cries all day. As denizens of the void who surfaced to the overworld, the Sun seems to hurt their skin. They retreated to the sunless Nether and now live in the cool, quiet soul sand valley aimlessly floating around. It is said a foolish villager once tried to summon one but failed resulting in the corruption of his entire village.


They are long, eel-like creatures with strong jaws and a hard shell exterior. These creatures roamed the seas and were treated like royals. Ocean monuments were erected in their name and served as their homes. Despite their fame, they were relatively unremarkable compared to other fish at that time (including the Guardians). The reason for their worship was most likely the rich blue scales that decorated their bodies. Guardians still protect their homes to this day with the delusion that they’re still around.


As the origin of the many humanoids that roam the overworld, legends tell the tale of the mindless brutes that wandered the old world. The Hominculi were fleshy creatures made from animal bodies warped into a new form by eldritch magic. Using their seemingly endless stamina and brute strength (thanks to the large flesh fibres surrounding their arms), they make powerful opponents. Over time they evolved into many species by growing in intelligence, shedding their hair or flesh.

A huge part of this mod centres around the runes. These are magical items created with a runestone (which is immediately available to you) and one of the drops from the mobs in this mod. They can be used to enhance your Lethium Gear into the Impish Instruments mentioned in the poem.


This is a new potion effect made to accompany the Sickle weapon as a way to make it viable for players. Each tick, 0.3 damage is dealt to you. And unlike poison, it doesn't stop until you're dead, or it runs out.


This is a new potion effect made to help players in battle. You are granted immense strength and speed but with each tick, wither damage is dealt to you. This way, it has a high risk, high reward system.


This is a new potion effect made to accompany the Cockatrice and Prisma Mace. The target's limbs turn to stone, making your jumps and movements extremely minuscule (you can barely move).

And of course, there are new sets of achievements to go with all there is in the mod but those are for you to discover on your own.

DLC 1 and


With the new DLCs come new additions...

And new verses found in the Impish Tome...

The Potent Palisade and The Seer's Swift cover the sun and release the rain.

Deterring enemies and severing their thread,

By buckler and bow, the sand turns red.

The Adamant Eyes and The Morning Star peer into the souls of men.
By misty waters, the bodies freeze,

Enter the Basilisk's den...



These creatures have existed as a symbol of power since ancient times. Drawing power from the moon, they guarded the desert temples of the sun. They are strong, fierce creatures with red leathery skin and black fur. They boast two shells on their bodies that they use to block attacks then strike with their teeth and claws. Their defence makes them the natural predators of creepers. But despite there being very little opportunity to meet, they also seem to have an age-old beef with a certain draconic bird...



These crazed beasts have scoured the rocky coasts and wet marshes of the overworld for aeons. There's very little documentation or theory on their origins. Only that they're draconic in nature, wield the power to petrify and have some relation to the common chicken. One particular researcher had a theory that they're chickens that were nursed by the frog of the swamps but I think that guy just had too much to drink. But despite there being very little opportunity to meet, they also seem to have an age-old beef with a certain shelled feline...


Issue 1: The Impish Tome

Issue 2: The Umbral Crux (NOW AVAILABLE)

Issue 3: The Eternal Hive (PLANNED FOR LATE 2022)


Creator/Author/Artist: Enderlocke

+ Modding Software: MCreator
+ Modelling Software: Blockbench
+ Texturing Software: Aseprite
+ Shaders (in Screenshots): Sildur's Enhanced Default and Complementary Shaders


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