The Cryptic Core

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Welcome to the third and last mod in the Genesis Series, Cryptic Core!
The mod lets you explore the decrepit remains of an archaic entity, delving into the past and uncovering the raw power of chaos.

Born from a catastrophic event that ravaged even the deepest of seas, and the rage of the queen that was slain because of it...


This is a brief recap of the mod's features. For an in-depth explanation, visit the main mod wiki at:


New Legendary Weapons:

Cursed Claw, Muut
> Can one-hit-ko any mob but you can't wield it while under full health (you will die).

Divine Tooth, Maat
> A weapon that progressively upgrades itself (damage, speed, abilities) by consuming your XP levels.


New Mob: Thralled

A strange new water mob that looks quite similar to the Illager. It has strange powers that allow it to reduce the player's oxygen level to 0 (when underwater).


New Structure: Ocean Temple

A new structure to discover in the oceans of Minecraft. It has many blocks within it that can be useful to you. But beware, it is guarded.

New Ability: Dragon Metamorphosis

Drinking a special potion can alter your player's species and unlock new permanent abilities (with a few drawbacks). However, this effect will leave you when you die.

And a selection of new blocks to use (colourful building, defence and light blocks for your various needs).


The Genesis Series:
Issue 1: The Impish Tome

Issue 2: The Umbral Crux

Issue 3: The Cryptic Core



Creator/Modeller/Artist: Oz_Mods or @OzPixels
Modding Software: MCreator
Modelling Software: Blockbench
Art Software: Aseprite
Shaders (used in screenshots): Complementary Shaders


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