The Erebus

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Filename TheErebus-0.4.6.jar
Uploaded by vadis365
Uploaded May 13, 2016
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 11.24 MB
Downloads 9,960
MD5 5680bf1e3add1fe5c93d4d0d2a2399e5
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


Some localisation stuffs - thanks Ghostlyr ;)

Localise Keybind Strings.

Added tooltips to Glider and Powered Glider Showing Kebinds and general info.

Added container localisation to Silo and Animated Chest.

Fixed Wasp dagger tooltip Derp.


Changed redgem worldgen to mitigate possible biome decorating crash.

Added Boss Bars to Dungeon Minibosses - makes finding the Antlion maze easier.

Increased Crushroom health LOTS to make it more of a challenge.

Added configuration for Mob health multipliers - mod can now be tweaked for people with stupid OP mods.

Added configuration for Mob damage multipliers - see above (stupid op mods... grrrr).

Added configuration for making all biome fog colours just black - requires game restart for config to work (special feature for Dawn Of The Void Modpack creator Darkosto)

Wasps should only attack players they can see - may fix reports of being hit from underneath platforms

Fixed a very old glitch on the Big Bamboo crate's buttons when INV tweaks is loaded.

Various tweaks and code refactoring.