The Erebus

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Filename Erebus-1.0.32.jar
Uploaded by vadis365
Uploaded Feb 21, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 11.79 MB
Downloads 1,847,395
MD5 d6209a99064f8b77f3e415416f4da9eb
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Java 8
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Added some fixes and changes to configs from people listed below - thank you!


* lorilith
This PR defaults to config'd values for spawn control if the world provider was
incorrectly handled by another mod (Looking at you Advanced Rocketry and MCEternal).


* sandtechnology
Prevent void issue when placing grave (Y<0).


* jackowski626
Dragonfly: added option to prevent capturing player.
Scorpion: added option to prevent capturing player.
Added options to disable Moss, Mould, and Petrified Quartz from Generating.
Most quake hammer attributes are configurable.
Umberpebble, Dust, Dust Layer, Dung, and Mud all have Shovel as harvest tool added.
Hanging webs hardness configuable.


Other non PR Small fixies
* Fixed 'Hot Hot Baby' smoothie recipe - now uses Fireblooms as intended.
* Added options to disable Moss & Mould spreading growth for worlgen.
* Fixed Punchrooms NBT not saving correctly (for Uncle Genny).
* Bombardier Larva should now stop reverting to the wrong skin randomly.