The Erebus

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Filename TheErebus-0.4.2.jar
Uploaded by vadis365
Uploaded Jan 13, 2016
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 11.19 MB
Downloads 19,031
MD5 c19c43851aca63fad801ff0215ac51bb
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


This released was a little rushed. There may be bugs/glitches.


Nerfed Rhino Beetle attack range.

Added textures for Milk fluid in smoothie maker.

Optimisation of mob spawning code.

Added Quartz Ore to world gen.

Smoothie maker now accepts bambuckets of milk.

Added Adventurer's Armchair as a settable re-spawn point in dimension - try placing a bed - they don't explode anymore.

Added default re-spawn point to last used portal location.

Added Blaze rods to Fire Ant Soldier drops.

Changed the way glowing mobs work to remove lighting update lag - YAY!

Fixed a glitch using the Wand of Animation on colossal crate.

Block o' Bones compass can be crafted in to x1 bonemeal :P

Added Bamboo bits to Ore Dictionary for compatibility with Growthcraft.

Changed Wasp Attack range.

Changed the way anti-venom works - now has a fancy bar and duration.

Added Stag Beetle Mob and Items - can be tamed and bred - Left alt key will mine blocks when mounted - drops hearts for health/food and mandibles used in crafting and exo plate.

Added Sarcastic Czech Giant mushroom to world gen, 2x2 of small mushroom can be bonemealed.

Added Zombie Ant Soldier to Fungal forest.

Added Zombie Ant Plate - can be crafted in to rotten flesh.

Lots of other things I can't remember.


Please note - some WIP things are in the mod which are not implemented yet. They are labelled WIP.