The Crystallia

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Filename TheCrystallia 1.0.5 [1.12.2].jar
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Uploaded May 5, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Release 1.0.5

  • Fixed a major problem where the portal to The Crystallia was refusing to work.
  • !!!!!LEAF DECAY!!!!! Leaf decay is finally here, I am working to make it more natural looking but for now it works.
  • A bit annoying, but breaking leaf blocks will now drop the leaf until I come up with a better solution for collecting your pretty colored bushels.
  • Made Gem Beasts more rare.
  • Added 2 new "ultimate" weapons, The Sword of Sav and the Scythe of Echo (Or "Echoing Scythe") they are currently unobtainable without cheating.
  • Added Magic Mushroom Stews... no not those kinds of mushrooms jfc
  • Changed the portal frame for The Crystallia's Portal, it now uses a block appropriately named "Evencrystium Portal Frame"
  • Added Rock Candy. Very Tasty. Full of minerals. 100% nutritious yep.
  • Saplings still no worky q.q""