The Crystallia

Last Updated: May 7, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Jun 23, 2018

Owner: SporadicSplash

Please note: Versions 0.0.9 and above are NOT compatible with previous versions.

Also! The Dimension of The Crystallia is being overhauled quite soon, I really do not recommend traveling there just yet!

It has also come to my attention that The Crystallia is not compatible with the Aether mod. I will fix this in the next update.

(which will be out sooner or later sry sry)

It's been a rough day. You sit down, and take a break from all the adventuring.

Out of the corner of your eye, you notice... blue? A bright, vibrant blue leaf comes gently floating in your direction. Curious, you decide that that break you took wasn't that important, and begin walking in the direction that the leaf came from.
Soon enough, you realize you are in a different world. The grass is purple, the trees have a dark purple bark, and mysterious blue flesh. There's creatures which before were unimaginable wandering around you.

Welcome to The Crystallia.

The Crystallia is a work in progress mod (Made in MCreator) based off my love for crystals and exploration, with updates coming at a sporadic rate; I am constantly making changes and updating things.

Please note: This is my first ever mod, no joke! If you have any tips for modmaking or general feedback for this mod I'd love to hear them! One of these I hope I learn enough about coding to get away from using MCreator, but for now it's all I got ;v;

This mod currently includes:

  • 7 types of gemstones (Crystalli, Eventidium, Aurorium, Midnite, Luminite, Umbrium, and Evencrystium)

  • New biomes! (Obsidian Forest, Crystalli Grove, Eventide Orchard, Midnight Woods, Luminous Acres, Aurora Meadow, and Dark Umbral Woods)

  • A new fruit, as well as crystal variety; the Camquat (inside joke present, but it is a fruit nonetheless)

  • Pretty looking wood, all in different colors (Purple, Gray, Blue, Fuschia, Black, Creamy Yellow, and Light Green)

  • Tools and Armor (Made with love and gemstones)

  • Flowers to make your life prettier. (10 varieties)

  • Ability to craft vanilla items with modded wood varieties (Crafting Tables, Chests, and sticks currently)

  • A new dimension, The Crystallia; a once peaceful world turned hostile, despite the light that shines. The dimension itself is accessible, but is heavily under work. The current dimension will soon be changed drastically, as it's only a placeholder.

  • Fusion Crafting (Can currently only craft Evencrystium; will add more later)

  • New and better trees to replace the vanilla looking ones in each biome.

  • New and fun mobs! (3 currently)
  • Mushrooms....? They're... glowing.


New Features/Changes in 1.0.5
  • Fixed a major problem where the portal to The Crystallia was refusing to work.
  • !!!!!LEAF DECAY!!!!! Leaf decay is finally here, I am working to make it more natural looking but for now it works.
  • A bit annoying, but breaking leaf blocks will now drop the leaf until I come up with a better solution for collecting your pretty colored bushels.
  • Made Gem Beasts more rare.
  • Added 2 new "ultimate" weapons, The Sword of Sav and the Scythe of Echo (Or "Echoing Scythe") they are currently unobtainable without cheating.
  • Added Magic Mushroom Stews... no not those kinds of mushrooms jfc
  • Changed the portal frame for The Crystallia's Portal, it now uses a block appropriately named "Evencrystium Portal Frame"
  • Added Rock Candy. Very Tasty. Full of minerals. 100% nutritious yep.
  • Saplings still no worky q.q""


Planned Features:

  • Another hellish dimension, The Umbris.

  • More crystal-themed biomes (The Crystal Desert and Tundra)

  • Boss Mobs

  • More items you can make through the altar.

  • Hmmmmmmmm are more new biomes coming to The Dimension of Crystallia? I think so.
  • Some new structures and variance to trees in Crystallian biomes.

Images of the items, as well as the current biomes can be found under the images tab.

To get started, grab a diamond pickaxe. Or a fist idk. Pickaxes are definitely more effective.

Traverse the lands until you find an Obsidian forest; this forest has trees as hard as obsidian, if it wasn't clear by it's name.

Cut down a tree or two, or three, or the entire forest. Up to you!


Craft the logs into obsidian sticks, just as you would normal sticks.

After that...

Now you have to find Crystalli. This gem spawns below a certain y-value (But why would I tell you? It ruins the adventure!)


Mine the Crystalli, I hope you have a diamond pickaxe or a pick of the same harvest level (aka one that can mine obsidian). You also will need a few diamonds to make your first set of armor and tools.

And now you're set! I recommend downloading JEI to look at all the available recipes!
And that's all for now. I really do hope I did alright for my first mod. I will do my best to fix any problems and balance the mod, but for now, it is what it is.

Also! This mod works fine on my laptop, but please if it is giving anyone of you who downloads it has issues let me know asap!

Credits: Myself (WintereousFlame/SporadicSplash), MCreator, and EntityCat (My best friend, who gave me the motivation to make this mod in the first place.)

Also Posted on the Official MCreator Website.


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