The Corruption

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Inspired by similar features from Terraria, this mod adds a new type of spreading 'biome' called Corruption as well as plethora of new content centered around it. The mod is designed to be played alongside vanilla's progression and is made to not interfere with this aspect too much.


Main features:

Use the new advancements tab and recipe book entries to guide yourself through the mod.


 Corruption takes root in your world! Watch out for its aggressive spreading nature and dangerous inhabitants.

- Rare special blocks called Roots of Corruption spawn in the Overworld caves. They serve as a point of origin and remain dormant until a player is found nearby. Once that happens, the root will become active and slowly begin corrupting nearby blocks. Active roots keep the chunk they are in loaded at all times, allowing Corruption to spread even if all the players are far away (up to 32 active roots can exist in each world at the same time). The first activation will alert all players with a chat message.

- Corruption can only be found in the Overworld (at least 512 blocks away from world center), but with some help it can also spread into the Nether. Corruption can't take root in the End.

- Corruption spreads itself by converting adjacent blocks into the hardened mass of evil. Not even diamonds, anvils and chests are safe!

- Some blocks such as air, Obsidian, End Stone, Ancient Debris and various indestructible blocks are completely immune and can stop the spread. This also applies to certain objects such as torches, doors, trapdoors, beds, etc.

- Select few blocks are instead converted into special corrupt versions of themselves.

- Corrupt blocks can't be obtained in survival even with Silk Touch.

- Corruption reacts to the presence of players and will only actively spread when one of them is nearby. Use this to your advantage.

- If you have cheats enabled, you can disable or enable biome spread using '/togglebiomespread' command.


New powerful mobs serve as guardians of Corruption. They are consumed my madness and will attack everything that gets in their way, even their own comrades!

- Corrupt Eye
This flying enemy frequently spawns in Surface Corruption and is likely going to be the first new enemy you encounter. These small monsters have relatively low health which is greatly compensated by high damage and unpredictable nature. Their favorite way of attacking is lunging high into the air and then dropping down to bite into the target. Occasionally they will charge into the foe at high speed instead.

- Corrupt Worm
These ground creatures prefer sandy areas of Surface Corruption and therefore frequently spawn in corrupted deserts. They have similar health, but are slightly less deadly compared to Corrupt Eyes.

- Wraith
Wraiths prefer areas with little light and inhabit the underground layer of Corruption. Unlike Corrupt Eyes, their spawning can be prevented using torches. Damage of these fast mobs is enough to quickly dismantle the shield of an unprepared player and a group of them can pose a grave threat.

- Demon Eye
This is an upgraded version of Corrupt Eye. It only spawns in Nether Corruption and uses rapid-firing ranged flame attacks to quickly decimate its foes.

- Hell Wraith
This is an upgraded version of Wraith which spawns in small caves inside Nether Corruption. It is both faster and stronger than its Overworld counterpart.

- Corpse Eater
This is a large durable monster which is easy to outrun, but packs a punch. It only appears in Surface Corruption once Hardmode is enabled (more info below) and becomes a viable source of Living Hearts if you are also using my second mod called Progressive Life.

- Two new bosses inspired by Eye of Cthulhu from Terraria
One is exclusive to Overworld Corruption and the other - to Nether Corruption. They can be summoned using special items and drop unique loot.

- Corruption-related mobs have same stats regardless of difficulty, but are less likely to spawn on Easy and Normal.


Corruption is not just a place to be avoided. Daring explorers will be rewarded with new resources and powerful equipment.

- Pale wood tools
Trunks of every tree touched by Corruption are converted into pale wood. The tools created from this wood are as strong as iron ones, but have lower durability.

- Corrupt gold equipment
Gold-related blocks touched by Corruption such as ores and bells are converted into Corrupt Gold Ore. Tools and armor made from corrupt gold are as good as netherite gear, but have much lower durability (and in fact can be upgraded using Netherite Ingot). Don't get too excited though, Corrupt Gold Ore requires Diamond Pickaxe or better to mine. In addition, by default each ore block drops just a single nugget (hint: you can use Silk Touch and Fortune to your advantage).

- Medallion
A blank medallion can be crafted from some corrupt gold and does not have any properties by itself. It can be upgraded through Smithing Table to gain special effects when held in the off-hand.

- Musket
This is a strong ranged weapon whose damage is comparable to that of a critical hit from a Power 5 Bow. However, it is slow and requires expensive Musket Balls to shoot which are crafted from various Corruption-related materials.

- And much more...



- Hardmode permanently becomes enabled once a certain Nether Corruption boss is defeated.

- The spirits of light and dark empower all mobs, increasing their health by 20%.

- Corruption spreads 50% faster and begins appearing naturally in unexplored areas of the Nether.

- Hallowed Shrines begin spawning in unexplored areas of the Overworld. They contain unique loot and spread the Hallow.

- The Hallow can be considered a counterpart to Corruption. It can only spread to dirt-related blocks and trees and does not feature any new mobs. Hallowed trees are especially valuable as their wood can be used to craft hallowed wood tools while leaves have a chance to drop Golden Apples. Corruption can't spread to hallowed blocks and vice versa, so the Hallow is a good option to protect your home base. Hallowed earth still has some downsides, however, so you may want to save some regular dirt.

- Hardmode-unique gear can be accessed through Hallowed Shrines and Corrupt Crates (check the note below). It includes two new diamond-tier sets of tools which sacrifice enchantment potency for extra durability (but can still be upgraded with Netherite Ingot) as well as their upgraded versions with powerful special abilities.

- If you have cheats enabled, you can toggle Hardmode using '/togglehardmode' command.


Note: It is recommended to use my other mod called Underground Loot Crates together with this one. These two mods were initially a single one until I decided to separate them. Enabling the second mod restores a cut mechanic of Corrupt Crates which drop rare special loot (this loot may drop from Wraiths and Hell Wraiths instead if ULC is not enabled).


The mod is created with the help of MCreator. Credit for some of the textures goes to anonymous users from Novaskin.


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