The Cactus Mod

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Ever wanted to use cacti for more than just making green dye?



I don't know why you would want more uses... But here you go.

This mod adds cactus tools, armor, blocks and food.


Some of the mods blocks/functionality

Cactus Chests: Have the same storage as normal chests but voids it's inventory over time.
Cactus Hopper: Basically a cheap hopper but it will also slowly void it's inventory over time.
Cactus Dispenser: Has no inventory, Shoots spikes.
Cactus TNT: Instead of breaking blocks the Cactus TNT shoots spikes in all horizontal directions.
Cactus Carpet: Hurts mobs when touched. Won't destroy items laying on top until they are 2 minutes old.

Cactus Bricks [stairs/slab]: A cactus colored brick block.
Cactus Door: Basically a door. But hurts to interact.
Carved Cactus: Decorative cactus version of the pumpkin look.
John O' Lantern: A Cactus version of the Jack O' Lantern.

Cactus Cake: IT HURTS TO EAT!!!

Cactus Cart: Faster/cheaper than normal minecarts.



Cactus Golem: A cheaper cactus version of an iron golem.
Summoned by creating the usual Iron Golem structure but using Prickly Iron blocks instead of Iron Blocks and carved cactus/John O' Lantern instead of the pumpkin.

Cactus Snowman: A more painful version of the regular Snowman that shoots damaging spikes.
Summoned by placing a Carved cactus/John O' Lantern on top of 2 snow blocks.

Cactus Cow: Basically a cactus version of the Mooshroom. Spawns in desert biomes (spawn can be disabled in config)
Cactus Creeper: Like a normal creeper but instead of exploding and breaking blocks they shoot spikes in all horizontal directions.


This mod was written for ModJam 5.


Frequently asked questions:

  •  Can I get permission to port this mod to Bedrock? No, I rather port it myself



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