The Birdwatching Mod

2,851 Downloads Last Updated: May 16, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

**Looking for commited modelers. If you want to work with us dm me in discord**

* The Birdwatching Mod aims to add high quality and realistic birds to your Minecraft game. Since this mod will be focused on world exploration and (of course) bird watching, we will supply you with 3 different binoculars and a wonderful bird guide that will help you to identify the birds that you'll find in your Minecraft adventures. You'll get real life information showing you traces that birds can leave. Hope you enjoy playing the mod and learning about birds! *


-- The Birdwatching Mod Requirements --

The Birdwatching Mod 1.0.0 --> Bookworm 2.2.0 --> Forge for 1.12.2 


-- The Birdwatching Mod Requirements --

The Birdwatching Mod 1.0.1 --> Bookworm 2.2.0 --> Forge for 1.12.2 



Bookworm can be acquired by clicking here:  Bookworm  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: "Does this mod add a camera?"

A: This mod does not add a camera. It does add binoculars. If you would like a camera, we suggest Camera Mod, available here: .

Q: "Can I suggest a bird?"

A: Currently, the list of birds to be added has already been determined. You can see the list of birds and announcements of newly released birds in our Discord, linked below.

Q: "What Resource Pack, Shaders, Mods did you use on your trailer and Promo images?"

A:  The trailer was recorded using Faithful and Dark Modern GUIs resource packs. The trees are from Traverse, the leaves are Better Foliage and the flowers come from Ferdinand's Flowers. The shaders are Werrus Ultra. The promo images for this page were done using Soartex Fanver.


The Birdwatchers!

  • Ikerleon02 (Founder, Coder, Modeler and Texturer)
  • Bastion14 (Modeler)
  • Joel (Promos & marketing, Tester)
  • Starcook (Modeler)


  • SoggyMustache (General Coding help)

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