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Filename bookworm-1.12.2-2.5.0.jar
Uploaded by SoggyStache
Uploaded Mar 21, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 218.91 KB
Downloads 69,930
MD5 376c7ea40abae2bb0a5ddf62922f7298
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Fix a pose loading issue
Allow ModelCMF to load .tbl files
Add CMFInfo which allows you to decide whether or not your CMF models can be overriden by TBL models (for resource pack support)
Add renderPartScale to BookwormModelRenderer to influence the scale of a specific part, useful for avoiding texture clipping
Remove all trading API, this mod will now only focus on animation and model resource handling
ModelCMF will now load the .bkm model format which is a recommended way to use models with this library
Add ModelCPF, model pose, remove unused data for model poses, will load .bkp or cpf

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bookworm-1.12.2-2.5.0-dev 216.36 KB Mar 22, 2020