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Its no secret that Thaumcraft 6 can be... a bit boring sometimes. Farming theory points is not really funny, and most of the time doesnt worth it. The main aim of addon is to make TC more interesting in terms of game progression and more rewarding in terms of difficulty.



- Increased armor stats, added vis-consuming buffs

- Golems can activate infusion matrix (owner must have appropriate researches of course)

- Arcane workbench can be automated via hoppers and stuff (place a redstone block near it to turn off autocrafting. Use Arcane Fillers to imitate empty slots)

- Runic shield can charge from player's inventory

- Rare earth's drop can be increased by Fortune

- Primal crusher mines 5*5

- Void siphon is no longer useless :)

- Buffed band of curiosity and fortress masks

- More ways to obtain curiosities (killing taint seeds, golems, clearing warp)

- Infusion stones are more effective (and more expensive)

- Craft changes

- Primordial nodes can be merged into pearls

Most of them can be configured.


Project is under development yet, so feel free to suggest your ideas.

(note: ThaumTweaks is incompatible with Thaumic Wands)


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