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A small modification, additive Thaumcraft shards ore to the generation of the Nether, the End and bedrock layer of the Overworld.

To start using (and find!) non-standard infused ore, you will have to make a magical prism (Thaumometer/Goggles of Revealing).
The process of finding ore is similar to finding aura nodes, but ore can be seen from a small distance*. Finding ore, you can safely** break it with a pickaxe. But, as the Thaumonomicon suggests, there is an alternative*** way to get crystal out of ore:



As well as it is written, at use of a wand on ore it will release from itself crystals and becomes an ordinary block (for an the Nether ore - an netherrack, etc.).

*: There are two researches (the second works at the expense of the total amount of warp), allowing to expand the zone of ores visibility:


**: Mining of the Nether ores can anger the local creatures.
To extract crystals from bedrock ore, you will have to use an alternative method.

***: There is a research that allows us to use the second alternative method of obtaining a crystal:



Just sneaking and use the first method. Then, you will have to open two more researches so that you can process these raw clusters into ordinary clusters, or break them into standard crystals:





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