Thaumcraft wouldn't be Thaumcraft, if it weren't for the wands. Sadly Azanor decided to cut these from Thaumcraft 6, so I decided to add new ones. 


This mod completely overhauls Thaumcraft, by changing the way Arcane Crafting works, vis is now supplied by a wand instead of the aura, meaning you have to charge your wand first before crafting. 

There are currently three ways to charge a wand:

  • By collecting vis orbs, which spawn when monster are killed
  • By using a recharge Pedestal, draining vis from the current chunk
  • By using a Workbench charger, draining vis from a 3x3 chunk area


The cost of a recipe is additionally determined my the parts the wand used is made of, giving an additional vis discount or a discount on the required vis crystals.


Wands aren't used only for crafting though, they feature the whole functionality of the casters gaunlet, allowing the use of foci, which take their required vis from the wands internal storage.


Cross-mod compatablility:

Thaumic Additions:

  • Mithrillium, Adaminite and Mithminite Caps
  • Adaminitewood Rod

Thaumic Restoration:

  • Infused Thaumium Caps

Thaumic Bases:

  • Thauminite Caps

Planar Artifice:

  • Alkimium Caps
  • Bismuth Caps


Crafttweaker compatability:

All functions can be found here: https://github.com/Zoko061602/Thaumic-Wands/blob/master/scripts/test.zs


Note that when adding new Wand Parts you have to add a model at "assets/thaumicwands/textures/models/ " which is called either wand_cap_[name].png or wand_rod_[name].png

I suggest ResourceLoader to do so.


 NOTE : When Thaumic Wands is added to an already existing world all Arcane Worktables are loaded incorrectly, which can be fixed by breaking and replacing them.


This mod features some cross-mod compatablity, with Thaumic Additions and Thaumic Bases installed there will be additional wand parts, with quite good properties, you should definitly check them out. 

You can even make your own Wand Parts by using crafttweaker, wand caps with crystal discount can only be made when modtweaker is present aswell.


For cross-mod compatability with other mods such as Botania or Embers check out Polymancy.


Have fun with my attempt at adding wands, and feel free to use this in your modpack :D