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Polymancy descibes the art of being fluent in different schools of magic, this mod aims to provide interactions between Thaumaturgy and other types of magic.


Polymancy is an addon for Thaumic Wands and adds therefore new WandParts, with new properties, it is also kind of a successor to Forbidden Magic.


Currently Polymancy features support for:

  • Blood Magic: Adding Blood Scribing Tools, a Blood Rod and Blood Caps
  • Botania: Adding Livingwood and Dreamwood Rods, aswell as Manasteel, Terrasteel and Elementium Caps
  • Embers: Adding a Wand Rod with fitting Caps and a new Scribing Tool


There are also new Wand Parts independent of other mods such as the Infernal or the Chrorus Wand.



Have fun with this in your modpack, I guess.