Thaumic Traveler's Dream

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Thaumic Treveler's Dream is a special standalone edition of Treveler's Dream mod with built-in compatibility for Thaumcraft v6.1.



Be sure to read all information on the main project page here:


Traveler's Dream main page


You must have Thaumcraft v6.1 and Open Terrain Generator v6 installed in order to run this mod!


Traveler's Dream resource pack is also needed for the best experience.


Short list of features, that are different from Traveler's Dream mod:


  •  "Greatwood" biome added, which is a TD version of Thaumcraft Magical Forest
  •  Thaumcraft mobs (wisps and pechs) will spawn in this biome at night
  •  Cinderpearl and shimmerleaf plants, wishrooms, custom greatwood and silverwood trees included!


Trees are only for magical forest, otherwhere Thaumcraft does it by itself.

Greatwood biome is not very common, but it can spawn in most climate zones with mild climate (not too cold and not too hot).

Cinderpearls, as always, can be found in Desert and some other hot or special, mostly sandy  biomes (almost in every climate zone)!





Place the downloaded .jar files of Traveler's Dream and OTG into the "mods" folder.


Place the downloaded .jar files of Traveler's Dream and OTG into the server "mods" folder.

Delete old "world"s folders if they exist.

In file edit lines:


level-name=ThaumicTravelersDream(since v1.5)

compact version:


before v1.5-







Screenshots were made with :


Traveler's Dream resource pack;
Thaumcraft mod;
Optifine mod;
shaders: Seus Renewed 1.0.0;

Better Foliage mod.






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