Thaumic Mercy

1,739 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

I snap my finger and 99% of research disappears.



And I call that mercy.


What does this do?

  • All your currently accumulated observations become Fundamentals observations
  • All your currently accumulated theories become Fundamentals theories
  • All future observations also become Fundamentals observations
  • When theorycrafting, all theory progress is merged into the Fundamentals category before you complete the theory.
  • All research is patched to only require Fundamentals observations/theories
  • All consume tasks are limited to 1 item (ex. one of the Thaumic Arcana researches requires 10 sticks. With this mod it will need only 1 stick)
  • All researches are limited to 8 consume tasks (ex. one of the Thaumic Arcana researches requires 12 or so items. With this mod it will need only the first 8 of these items.
  • All crafting and discovery tasks are limited to 4 per step.
  • Consume tasks cannot have meta when the item has no subtypes. Fixes Thaumic Restoration toast.
  • Config options for all of the above.
  • Put a smile on my face.

Also check out Thaumcraft No Research. (for reference, this will give you pretty much unlimited theories/observations)


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