Thaumic Gadgets

433,950 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 2, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2   +2

A TC6 addon focused on expanding the capabilities of machines and, of course, magic.


Now this mod adds:

  • a new Thaumonomicon tab (on the right);
  • 2 new metals, instruments and armor from it;
  • primal armor set, which is extremly powerful, but really hard to achieve;
  • nearly 10 new machines, which have a wide range of using;
  • and... W8, if I tell you everything, interest will be lost...


Mod is adadonned and no longer will be developed!


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All credits to Azanor (Thaumcraft mod creator)!



Q: Screenshots?

A: You always can find the freshest sceens in discord on special channel.


Q: Modpacks?

A: Feel free to add this mod any modpack what u want. But remeber what it's will not work without thaumcraft.


Q: Can i offer some balance change?

A: Of course you can. Use link below to connect our discord server and offer your ideas.


Q: What about re-publish?

A: You are can re-publish this mod to other sites, but you must provide a CurseForge download link. 








 Change Log:


  • Fortified Glass no longer can be moved with piston;
  • Fortified Glass and Ancient Sarcophagus now has same hardness as obsidian. Glass can be mined only with Diamon pickaxe with SilkTouch ench;
  • Fixed bug rare bug, when Ancient Cache Guarding disappeared from world;
  • Ancient Cache Guardians now has more correct behavior;
  • Shade Armor doesn't called so hard fps drops;
  • Terramorfer now work correclty;
  • Increased duration time effect for Perditio and Terra aspect of Primal Hammer and Perditio Crystal in Primal Armor;
  • Fixed description for 4 Aer Crytals in Primal Armor;
  • Added more detailed description for Terramorfer;
  • Changed Holder recipe and Spire model;
  • Fixed Light and Shade swords damage;
  • Added new content - Teleportator; 
  • Fixed wrong essence count for Shade sword crafting;
  • FINALLY! Fixed all particle crashes;
  • Fixed Shift + RMB click crash;
  • Fixed hungry pouches wrong item stacking;
  • Fixed drop from server, when wearing Light/Shade belt or Primal Boots;


  • Fixed crash in nether (reported by wamc2017);
  • Fixed crash when shift-clicking into Spinning Wheel and GemCutting Table (reported by El Tigre);
  • Fixed missing recipe for GemCutter Tools  (reported by El Tigre). 


  • Upgraded to beta 24;
  • Fixed Post Init Crash (reported by Rukaku);
  • Fixed Infernal Blast Furnace output (reported by El Tigre);
  • Added Scythes.


  • Fixed entity renderer crash;
  • Fixed network handler init crash.

v. 0.1.4:

  • Updated to thaumcraft beta 23;
  • –°ompletely reworked multiblock system;
  • Infernal Blastfurnace now multiblock too;
  • Fixed crash when applying redstone signal to the Upgraded Thaumic Extruder;
  • Updated some arts.

v. 0.1.2:

First public version of mod.




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