Thaumic Bases

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Filename ThaumicBases1.0.1710.8.jar
Uploaded by _ForgeUser9083808
Uploaded Jul 1, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10
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Downloads 7,792
MD5 a5fe8e2b29f0f42c2aec603d8dbfd611
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions
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Java 8
Java 7


Added half-slabs for some decorative blocks

Pyrofluid drops can now be tweaked in the config file

Made the brightness foci require a Primordial Pearl(configurable)

Added a config option to disable tobacco

Made the advanced alchemical furnace require alumentum to speed up(configurable)
Made the speed of the advanced alchemical furnace configurable(default is x2)

Added a config option to control ore processing results(default 8)

Fixed OreDictionary related crash if no mod was adding obsidian to it

Pestle And Mortar are now OreDictionary replaceable.