Thaumic Bases

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This mod requires DummyCore 1.10 and later!



Both the Witching Gadgets addon and the Thaumic Bases are adding a block with the same crafting recipe(Void Metal Block). If you want both addons to keep their full functionalities you would have to install NoMoreRecipeConflict mod. Look in the GotoLink updates thread(minecraftforum) for it.


Thaumic bases is an addon for Thaumcraft4(credits go to Azanor). It aims to add some missing features from Thaumcraft, like Thaumic Nature or, perhaps, an easier source of Auram essentia. It adds a bunch of random content too, like spikes - because why not? It aims to be balanced and semi-grouped around the idea of Thaumcraft. The addon will not add any new aspects, since there are a lot in other addons. The also adds 5 new enchantments, available in regular Enchanting Table, Infusion altar or even Thaumic Tinkerer's table.

The addon has it's own tab in Thaumonomicon, where all the researches and recipes are located.


In order to unlock new researches some Vanilla Thaumcraft's researches must be unlocked, so do not forget to check this tab every now and then.


That is actually all you need to know about this addon in order to start playing, since all the recipes and their descriptions are located in the thaumonomicon's tab.


Open the spoiler below only in case if you want to know everything the addon currently adds:

-Some decorative blocks, including blocks from MC alpha

-A lot of alchemical recipes - from grinding wool into string to actually creating blaxe rods out of blaze powders. Tons of other usual 'macerator' recipes included.

-A way to get 12 shards out of 1 ore.

-5 new enchantments to recieve knowledge from fallen mobs, deal more damage to eldritch creatures, inflict taint poison on attacked enemies, gain more Aspect Orbs from killed enemies and gain Crystalized Essentia of slain mobs.

-A lot of plants, which literally allow you to farm resources. Iron nuggets, string, gold nuggets, void seeds, auram, sugar, lapis, redstone, knowledge fragments and even flux. Tons of them. Also, golden oak trees.

-Briar, a plant that can be used to make Rosehip Syrup to act like a stackable milk without buffs removal, and also affecting warp effects.

-Tobacco, tons of it to help a thaumaturge. Removing warp and summoning wisps included! Not a tobacco advertisement in any way! Smoking is bad!
-Better metal for your tools, armor and even shears.

-Better caps for your wands.

-2 new wand cores.

-Spikes, 3 types of them to kill enemies. Fake Player included.

-2 new sets of early-game armor.

-Entity Deconstructor, just a deconstruction table for mobs.

-Better(Faster) Alchemy Furnace

-Overchanting table to increase the levels of enchantments above their maximum(like Fortune IV).

-Crying Obsidian Obelisks to set your spawn point.

-A whole new Aura Nodes management system, which allows you to do anything you'd like with your nodes. Includes turning them to hunger nodes too!
-Sideway Arcane levitators, also can be rotated with the Wand
-Better anvils
-More void tools, like shears
-Different new trees!

-Some more misc features I am not going to list, since they are too small to mention. No mechanics changed, I promise!



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