Thaumic Arcana

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A thaumcraft addon, that currently features biomancy as a school of knowledge. it is different from "Biothaumaturgy" since it does not uses arcane mechanisms, it is living things+magic.


Looking for a maintainer! I do not have the time/mood to continue doing it, and I also feel like it needs more fresh ideas that I no longer have! Feel free to fork it, connect me on discord for a transfer.

Bug reports go to the issue tracker, not the comment section. (click "issues" in the menu)


The mod is partially inspired by Thaumic Horizons, but is not a clone/port!



Apply alchemical principles to farm products in order to make more of them. This includes:

  • beef, pork, mutton (no fish)
  • wheat, potatoes, carrots, beet
  • pumpkins and melons
  • all vanilla trees

More options for leather farming.


Create a new type of enchantment, that can be applied to living creatures (including yourself), instead of inanimate objects.

  • fertile: increases birthrates (up to triplets)
  • protection
  • strength
  • respiration
  • speed
  • vitality: regeneration
  • spider limbs: allows you to climb walls and stick to them

Additionally, you can apply modifiers to them (one/creature):

  • negation: flips the effect of the enchantment, or turns it off if flipping makes no sense.

Tools and armor:

  • tools that can regenerate themselves from hunger
  • tools that can give potion effects to the creatures they hit
  • armor that constantly gives a set of potion effects to the wearer

Other features

  • alchemical fertilizer (easy to mass produce)
  • metal transmutation (works with all Thermal Foundation metals, if provided)
  • paper recipe
  • organic dye duplication
  • custom potion brewing


And more.



For modpack/map makers

The mod is prepared for this purpose. Every new type can be extended via addons, mods, and all the research can be altered/reordered.



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