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A thaumcraft addon, that currently features biomancy as a school of knowledge. it is different from "Biothaumaturgy" since it does not uses arcane mechanisms, it is living things+magic.


Looking for a maintainer! I do not have the time/mood to continue doing it, and I also feel like it needs more fresh ideas that I no longer have! Feel free to fork it, connect me on discord for a transfer.

Bug reports go to the issue tracker, not the comment section. (click "issues" in the menu)



My enthusiasm about modding has faded at the time of this edit. I don't want to touch this. I still feel fond of the ideas I had here, but I just can't get into the code again. It is available on GitHub, feel free to fork it and continue the work.


Oliverrook is now the new maintainer of this mod.



The mod is partially inspired by Thaumic Horizons, but is not a clone/port! 

Additional Disclaimer: The mod is currently rather buggy, but I'm working on this!


1.4.0 Update Plans:

  • Permanent Warp Cleansing (Will be very expensive and non-automatable) 
  • A new golem material
  • Potentially a new Focus Effect
  • Bug Fixes




Apply alchemical principles to farm products in order to make more of them. This includes:

  • beef, pork, mutton (no fish)
  • wheat, potatoes, carrots, beet
  • pumpkins and melons
  • all vanilla trees

More options for leather farming.


Create a new type of enchantment, that can be applied to living creatures (including yourself), instead of inanimate objects.

  • fertile: increases birthrates (up to triplets)
  • protection
  • strength
  • respiration
  • speed
  • vitality: regeneration
  • spider limbs: allows you to climb walls and stick to them

Additionally, you can apply modifiers to them (one/creature):

  • negation: flips the effect of the enchantment, or turns it off if flipping makes no sense.

Tools and armor:

  • tools that can regenerate themselves from hunger
  • tools that can give potion effects to the creatures they hit
  • armor that constantly gives a set of potion effects to the wearer

Other features

  • alchemical fertilizer (easy to mass produce)
  • metal transmutation (works with all Thermal Foundation metals, if provided)
  • paper recipe
  • organic dye duplication
  • custom potion brewing


And more.

For modpack/map makers

The mod is prepared for this purpose. Every new type can be extended via addons, mods, and all the research can be altered/reordered.



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