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Filename Thaumcraft-1.10.2-6.0.BETA7.jar
Uploaded by Azanor13
Uploaded Feb 26, 2018
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 10.44 MB
Downloads 76,867
MD5 9446b5cb71a9981a55cf953411c21cc5
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


- API: removed crystal shard ore dictionary entries for now. Turns out forge oredict doesn't account for nbt data.
- dioptra can now be toggled between showing vis and flux and improved the comparator output as well. I forgot to add this to the beta 6 patch notes when it was actually changed
- added potion sprayer
- rebalanced focus medium vis values slightly
- fixed focus bolt fx
- re-added the quicken focus mod which mysteriously dissapeared from my code at some point
- chain focus mod and arcing enchantment will no longer target things you are riding or players and creatures on your team or that you own. They may still hit something by mistake if it is in the way
- prevent onBlockHarvested from being called twice by golems and break focus which was causing a dupe bug on some blocks like skulls
- everfull urn is now obtainable much earlier
- triple meat treat regen effect now last the proper amount of time
- infusion is now unlocked as its own research and not part of unlocking artifice anymore.
- many theorycraft cards that consumed items no longer do so.
- rebalanced theorycards in general so that there are easy, medium and hard choices - easy choices have no requisites, but give little progress (~10). Medium gives better progress (~25), but requires something simple to do. Hard choices give a lot of progress (~30-50), but also requires more effort
- instead of the highest category in theorycrafting getting a bonus, all other categories now get a penalty instead

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