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Filename Thaumcraft-1.8-5.0.3.jar
Uploaded by Azanor13
Uploaded Nov 9, 2015
Game Version 1.8
Size 11.60 MB
Downloads 125,109
MD5 a72004770bd9d7d41986f98bd312e97e
Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions


- fixed portable hole focus casting cost changing when used
- added an indication to thaumometer hud element to make it clearer what the current aura level is vs. the aura base level 
- increased the chances that a silverwood tree will contain a pure node.
- sword of the zephyr can now only push living things around like intended
- completely draining the aura in a chunk will cause a lot less flux now (about 1/5th previous amount)
- taint can now only replace blocks with greater than 0 and less than 10 hardness
- added additional sources of auram by changing some existing aspect assignments
- added config option which allows you to increase the speed at which tainted dust dissipates, and another which lets tainted soil turn back into dirt instead of dust. This should help performance on lower spec systems
- vishrooms confusion effect now works again
- slightly increased hover harness base speed and fixed its hud element lighting bug
- void jars should not be venting ALL the extra essentia as flux, just a teensy weensy bit of it.
- bellows will once again speed up vanilla furnaces
- made the repair enchant a lot more forgiving on the aura
- by popular demand the advanced aura tapper research no longer allows wands to recharge from anywhere in your inventory. They must still be in your hotbar.
- made the arcane levitator cheaper to use
- fixed banner recipes - the required wool colors and resulting banner was reversed.
- autocasters now render properly when placed upside down
- improved arcane bore block finding algorithm
- arcane bore block detection will not be blocked by arcane block glimmers anymore
- arcane bore now interacts correctly with silk touch
- added wool -> string entropic processing recipe
- apprentice rings now gives a larger vis discount. This may change again at some future date if I can get something I've been working on, um, working.
- various other small bugfixes and balance changes

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