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Filename Thaumcraft-1.7.10-
Uploaded by Azanor13
Uploaded Dec 21, 2014
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 11.76 MB
Downloads 36,702
MD5 089e627f5be2f9d7b5ef4bd63f3c9092
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- BAUBLES: updated to
- Custom thaumcraft shaders can now be turned off in the config for those that experience FPS drops when they are active.
- Some runic shielding parameters can now be modified in the config.
- Eldritch guardians are now weaker in some realities
- Fixed an exploit which allowed essentia crystalizers to be used as essentia converters for infusion crafting
- You won't be able to pipe staves (or other non-wand items) into workbenches anymore
- When holding a warding focus all warded blocks will be visible, but those not belonging to you will have a reddish color
- Crafting sceptres now have in innate 10% vis discount instead of 5%
- Crafting a thaumonomicon with a focus attached will fail. Apparently people want the ability to mass-replace bookshelves with an equal trade focus or something.
- Crash prevention in nodes and buffers
- Reverting to previous way of rendering infused ores, but added a new fix for AF.
- Void robe and fortress armor should no longer absorb damage from normally unblockable sources like starvation
- Made some significant changes to object aspects
- Increased the cap per aspect when scanning to 64 (from 10). This cannot be changed in the config file anymore. The big soft-cap to research still remains.
- Changed the way I generate the unique identifier I use to save what you have scanned. Turns out it wasn't than unique for some blocks (like mushrooms). Since the identifier has changed most blocks and items will be scannable again - enjoy the free RP.
- Fixed a terrible and far-reaching bug that meant most crafting-grid recipes were only using their top 3 slots to calculate the aspect value in items. DERP. Who knows how long this bug has been around.
- No item can have more than 6 aspects linked to it. The aspects chosen are based on their amount and how complex they are (complexity increases chances of being chosen)
- Reworked how aspect values are calculated from ingredients. Raw essentia or vis used to craft with alchemy, arcane and infusion crafting will make up a much smaller part of the whole.
- Even with all the above changes the net result should still be a lot more aspects per item than before.
- Cignitio is now ignis + spiritus and telum is now ignis + instrumentum. This was done to reduce to alleviate the general lack of ignis in compound aspects
- Now sinister and pure nodes won't alter biomes or spawn creatures in the nether, end or blacklisted dimensions and biomes
- Now golems won't take something from an inventory unless they think there is somewhere for that item to go
- Any items that a golem doesn't immediately find a use or destination for is placed on an ignore list for 10 seconds (configurable in config). This is mostly to prevent possible lag with large golem sorting systems.
- Fill golems will now properly iterate through all specified items
- Alchemy golems can now interact with all sides of a reservoir and can take essentia from it
- Alchemy golems will now fill empty void jars as their lowest possible priority
- Liquid golems now have a handy new ability with the proper upgrade installed.
- Fixed crash caused by hungry node FX referencing the wrong block type
- Fix for possible stack overflow error in vis relays
- Forbidden knowledge research icons will pulse if they can be learned like those of other researches
- Fixed (I hope) the travelling trunk dupe bug
- The colors on a vis relay can now be cycled through by clicking with a wand - shards still work but are not required.
- Triple meat treats no longer require a bowl to craft.
- Warded glass is now immune to explosions and wither destruction
- Hungry nodes will no longer gain aspects even when not able to destroy a block
- Altered the way hungry nodes break blocks
- Hungry nodes now have more particles which should make them more visible. Will also draw particles from blocks that it didn't do previously (like water)
- Essentia mirrors no longer have a chance to lose essentia in transit.
- Changed the way wand foci are upgraded. The old potency, frugal and treasure enchants are no more.
- improved NBT data checking for infusion matrix during the crafting process
- native ore clusters for modded ores (copper, tin, etc) should once again drop.
- the effective area of the lamp of growth should now be properly centered on the lamp.
- fixed essentia valve rotation with a wand - any direction without a possible connection is now valid
- added a way to create obelisks in creative mode
- slightly increased the spawning rate of eldritch stone rings in the overworld
- added loot and stuff to spend the loot on
- shovel of the earthmover now has more interesting placement mechanics - read the thaumonomicon entry
- fixed some hover harness exploits
- The hover harness will no longer reduce your block breaking speed while you are flying with it like some other forms of flight
- excavation focus will now drop xp when you mine a block that normally drops xp
- infusion crafting will now properly handle damage wildcards.
- slightly altered the way "tuned" relays connect
- vis relays now require line of sight to each other to connect - the beam cannot pass through solid blocks.
- this was always supposed to be how they worked, but I disabled it for various reasons.
- dupe fix for mods that spawn custom dropped items that pass through mirrors.
- rebalanced some focus upgrades
- fixed exploit where it was possible to apply foci to sceptres