NOTICE: This mod is an independent work, not published or supported by any member of TeamCoFH. If you encounter problems with any CoFH mod and you have TFTweaks installed, please uninstall or disable TFTweaks and see if the issue persists before reporting problems to TeamCoFH. If the issue is related to TFTweaks, do not report the issue to them.


So the latest release version of Thermal Foundation has a few issues. They registered pulverized coal and pulverized charcoal in the ore dictionary as black dye, and sulfur dust as yellow dye. This wouldn't be an issue except for a few nasty interaction with Thermal Expansion machines. I noticed that running coal through a pulverizer was generating charcoal dust (along with every other recipe that previously had been making coal dust), and grinding yellow flowers was producing sulfur dust (not good).


To fix this, I have written an ASM coremod that surgically removes the offending ore dictionary registrations for certain TF dusts as dyes. This mod does not make any permanent changes to Thermal Foundation, nor does it distribute any CoFH source code. It simply changes the behavior of Thermal Foundation when it is installed.


IMPORTANT: This mods is intended for use only with ThermalFoundation-[1.7.10]1.2.5-115. It uses line numbers to remove instructions from a single TF class, and will likely yield unpleasant to catastrophic results when used with other versions of Thermal Foundation.


This mod is provided without any expectation of support. I will try to answer questions and provide advice for its installation in the comments; also note that the mod is provided without me assuming any liability. I'm not responsible if this code blows up your computer or kills your dog.


You may use this mod in a modpack (CC-BY-NC 4.0), provided you do not claim it as your own work and provide credit to me and a link back to this page, and that you don't monetize the mod or your pack in any way.


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