TFC Drying Rack

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This is a simple implementation for a drying rack for TerraFirmaCraft: The Next Generation.


You just need to craft a drying rack, place your items on it with right click and wait.

Recipes can have a chance of success.



There are config options for:

  • drying vegetables to get their seeds (at a 15% chance)
  • drying flowers to make dyes (instead of using the quern)
  • forcing the use of liquid dyes (solid dyes are just powder)
  • drying saltpeter powder to get salt
  • drying leaves to get thatch


Crafttweaker compatibility is present:

//Importing the module 

import mods.tfcdryingrack.Rack; 

//Adding a recipe 

Rack.addRecipe(String registryName, IIngredient input, ItemStack output, int hours, float chance); 

//Removing recipe by name 

Rack.removeRecipe(String registryName); 

//Remove recipe by input 

Rack.removeRecipe(IIngredient input);