TFC Homestead

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A mod meant to add different things to do in your homestead


**Any individual part of this mod can be disabled in the configs (except the main storage module)


Part 1, Storage:

There are some food storage and preservation options so you can store food outside of vessels:

  • Food Shelves - Made out of wood, can hold any type of food, provides a 0.8x decay modifier generally and another 0.5x modifier when sheltered far from the sun and the overworld.
  • Meat Hangers - Made out of wood too, can hold cooked meat, cheese and garlic, provides a 0.6x decay modifier generally and another 0.5x when sheltered far from the sun and the overworld.
  • Preserving jars - Made out of glass and a tin cap, can hold any food that can be pickled, provides a 0.09x modifier when filled with vinegar and holding a pickled food item.
  • Grain Piles - Like log piles, shift click on the ground with a grain item (wheat, barley etc.) and it will place a grain pile with a capacity of 16. Create silos and shelter those pile from direct sunlight to add a modifier of 0.4x to them


Food shelves and hangers need to have close to no sunlight to be considered cool, grain piles need to have sunlight less than 15 to be considered sheltered (just having a roof above helps)



  • Right-clicking on a block from the mod inserts the stack you are holding into it,
  • Left-clicking extracts one item
  • Shift left-clicking extracts the whole stack.


Due to how TFC food stacking works, you are not allowed to insert more items in a block that already has items. If you want to fill it more, extract the items, stack them using the TFC hotkey for food stacking and insert them all back.

 Part 2, Aged drinks:

You can let any type of alcohol sit for 3 in-game months to give them effects when drunk.

  • Sweet drinks like Rum and Cider give Speed Boost
  • Hard drinks like Sake and Vodka give Haste
  • Whiskeys give Haste
  • Beer gives Absorption


Part 3, Villagers:

This mod adds villagers for TFC, look around for their distinctive thatch roofs and mud huts:

  • They are primitive and poor people, they live in mud and thatch huts, you won't be stealing luxuries from them
  • They live alone mostly and don't have developed infrastructure for making sophisticated metal tools
  • Since they don't live in villages, they haven't gotten around to making emeralds the standard currency
  • Their trade isn't sophisticated, they will sell different types of raw materials of different kinds for any type of gems they like the shine of
  • The challenge comes in finding trades that you can afford, eg: a villager might sell Gabbro cobble only for amethysts but buy Chert cobble only for Topazes
  • They are greedy, they will always ask for double the normal worth of their offers and they don't give any discounts after trading, so it might not be worthwhile mass trading with them.


The current types of villagers are:

  • Digger: will sell/buy different kinds of stones/cobbles for different gems
  • Lumberjack: will sell/buy different kinds of logs/planks for different gems
  • Miner: will trade non-metal ores for different gems
  • Builder: will trade different types of building materials (sand, clay, dirt, alabaster) for different gems
  • Farmer: will give you small amounts of seeds for gems AND more seeds of another type


Part 4, miscellaneous:

  • Adds the option to make horses/mules/donkeys immune to slowness of grass/snow/mud
  • A walking cane was added that helps you walk through grass/snow/mud
  • Makes familiarized animals that were fed more drop more meat/hides when killed based on familiarity (up to 100% more drops at 100 familiarity)