TFC Ambient Creatures

27,701 Downloads Last Updated: May 14, 2016

This is a TerraFirmaCraft addon.  It will not work without that mod installed.


The purpose of this mod is just to add a little more life into TerraFirmaCraft.

Current Features (alpha build)

  • Butterflies spawn on grass blocks during the day and flutter around
  • Moths spawn on grass blocks at night and flutter around

To do

  • Change from vanilla-bat-style movement to custom AI tasks
    • Make butterflies attracted to flowers and blooming fruit trees
    • Make moths attracted to light sources
    • Stop everything from wandering out over the ocean

  • Create dragonflies that spawn on fresh water blocks during the day and eat butterflies

  • Create actual nocturnal bats that spawn on leaf blocks at night and eat moths
  • Maybe create some birds, possibly American Robins (just because I'm partial to them)
  • Figure out something that would be good to spawn in the winter


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