Simple Bedrolls

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1.1 update: There's an actual bedroll block now, and using it actually puts the player (briefly) to sleep.


I was trying my hand at a much more robust (and more ambitious) bedroll mod and got a little frustrated at my slow progress.


So I made this mod.  It adds a simple bedroll item that does all the normal bed checks (no nearby mobs, not in the nether, etc.), then instead of mucking about with Minecraft's code for sleeping and spawning and all that, it just sets the time to day.  Not as elegant, but it gets the job done.


Bedrolls come in all colors, recipe is three carpets in a row (unlocks in the recipe guide when you pick up a carpet).




# Configuration file

general {
# Create CraftTweaker script to fix recipes in jglrxavpok's Uncrafting Table
# [true, false]
# [default: false]

# Auto pick up bedroll after sleeping
# [true, false]
# [default: false]

# Bedrolls can only be used at night
# [true, false]
# [default: true]



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