TF2 Engineer Buildings Mod

425 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 29, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

TF Industries is now providing the Engineer's buildings for Minecraft! This mod contains the following items: the Wrench, Sentry Gun, Dispenser and Teleporter.


Wrench: Works just like it does in TF2. Left click on the Sentry to reload it with ammo and health (requires metal) and mine the Dispenser and Teleporter blocks. Right click the Sentry to drop it and shift+right click to open the GUI and insert iron to use as metal (accepts nuggets, ingots, blocks). Can also attack mobs with it, if you have to.


Sentry Gun: Autonomous area denial. Shoots at hostile mobs, all mobs or at players (uses whitelist). Use the wrench to provide maintenance.


Teleporter: Teleports players from A to B, and vice-versa. Right click with the Wrench to link teleporters.


Dispenser: Provides Regeneration I to all nearby mobs and players. Slowly generates arrows, which can be extracted by either interacting with the Dispenser or by using a hopper (or mods that act similar extracting pipes).



All buildings/wrench are craftable in survival! Use JEI to look up their crafting recipes.

Using other mods which add steel, circuitry, etc? Use CraftTweaker to make your own crafting recipes.

This project is OPEN SOURCE! Feel free to look at the code to learn how it was made or to make your own add-on for this mod!



Potential future features depending on mod reception: animated teleporters, level 2 and 3 sentry gun.


Want dispenser nerfs? Sentry gun buffs? A 1.12.2 and/or Fabric port? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

And remember: don't teleport bread! (because nothing will happen if you do. sorry.)


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