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Made by Ellivers

This mod is still early in development, so don't expect much from it.

Thank you soo much for checking out my mod!

This mod was made with Mcreator: https://mcreator.pylo.co

Sorry for not updating the mod. I have run into some problems with making it. HERE is a link to the forum topic.


Help would be greately appreciated!

New images for this site coming soon. Stay tuned!


Old downloads will be deleted at the next update.

New content in version 0.5 (Biggest update so far!):


Evil Eye:

An eye that spawns pretty rarely in the Nether. It drops 0-2 Magma Blocks

Derp Block:

A derpy block that drops 5 apples when destroyed.

City Block:

A block with a small city inside of it.


A new Testium Mod menu! It can be opened with M.

Roasted Frog Leg:

You can now cook Frog Legs in a furnace and get Roasted Frog Legs which give more hunger and no poison.

Missingtexture Block and Item:

Both have the missing texture texture, you can make them to each other by placing them in the middle of a crafting table.

Changes, bugfixes and smaller additions:

  • Sandcastle now has gravity.
  • Changed the box around Sandcastle.
  • Portal is now animated!




A material that is cind of rare.

Testium Ore spawns in Y = 24-68 and smelting it will get you Smelted Testium. Smelted Testium is very unstable and right-clicking with it will result in an explosion.

You can make armor with Smelted Testium, it is very good and even better than diamond!

You can even make Testium Ingots with smelted Testium and Testium Ingots into Testium Nuggets.


A Sandcastle Block to decorate the beaches of minecraft.

Destroying it will give you numerous gems, which are edible.

Gems (Other colors of Diamonds):

These Gems are called Diamonds but are really not. There exist in 5 different colors: red, purple, green, blue and yellow.

All of them are edible and some of them will give you special effects.


A block that switches between on and off when powered. When the block is on it emmits a Redstone signal, or at least it should. For some reason it's not working correctly..



Compact Diamond Block:

A much harder version of the Diamond Block. It is unbreakable in Survival Mode but can be destroyed by a Redstone Signal.

Rainforest Dimension:

A never ending jungle with green fog.

Jungle Block:

A block made of jungle log and leaves mixed. The required block to sorround the portal.

Not a Gun:

Even though the name doesn't say it, it is a gun. Flaming Bullets are the required ammo of Not a Gun. (Crafting recipies and current bugs at the bottom of the page.) You can hold right-click and it will spam the shots.

Instant TNT:

TNT that when right clicked or exposed to Redstone explodes immediately.


A passive mob that when killed will drop Frog Legs and more rarely Lilypads.

Frog Legs are edible, but will poison you.

Water Blaze:

An aggressive mob that spawns in Ocean biomes and drops potions. It will throw Splash Water Bottles at you to harm you.

The Dead Biome:

A biome which  has been added but not yet found.

A dead and dry place filled with Dead Dirt.

Water and Lava Sprays:

Two sprays which simply can be crafted with a water bottle and a Bucket of Lava. The Water Spray is harmless but the Lava Spray deals 2 ½ hearts of damage plus fire.


A command. Teleports you a random 1000-1600 blocks away from your current position.

More images:

For some reason I can't add more images at the top, so here are some other ones.


Crafting Recipies:

Testium Ingot: Made with a 2x2 square of Smelted Testium at the top right.

Testium Nuggets: Simply use a Testium Ingot.

Testium Armor: You should know :)

Sandcastle: Made by putting a Cake at the bottom middle slot, and Sand in all other slots except the top middle one.

Switcher: Place a Lever at the top slot, a Redstone Torch at the bottom one and a Redstone Block in the middle.

Derp Block: Made by placing Apples in the top left and top right corners, a Lever in the middle and sticks in the left slot, bottom slot, bottom right slot and middle right slot.

City Block: Place Iron Ingots in the top right and left corners and middle right and left sides and three stone in a row at the bottom.

Jungle Block: Made by placing a Jungle Log in the middle and some Jungle Leaves at the top.

Rainforest Portal Igniter: Place some Jungle Leaves in the middle and Jungle Planks at the top.

Compact Diamond Block: Made by placing Diamond Blocks in all slots.

Not a Gun: Made with a Testium Ingot in the top left corner, Iron Ingots in the top right and bottom left corners, an Apple in the middle and Gunpowder in the bottom right corner.

Instant TNT: Made with some TNT in the middle, Smelted Testium at the bottom slot and Gunpowder at the top slot.

Saddle: Place leather in a helmet form and then put an Iron Ingot in the middle.

Water Spray: You know that.

Lava Spray: You should know that too if you read the rest of the description.

Known Bugs:

  • Dead Biome doesn't seem to exist :(
  • Not a Gun spams shot when held in Survival Mode.
  • Not a Gun sometimes doesn't shoot correctly.
  • Water and Lava Sprays don't work in Survival Mode.
  • Switcher doesn't emmit power when it should.

Planned Features:

  • Fish block
  • Throwable Explosive Fish
  • Evil Fish Block

Modpacks and YouTube:

Having my mod in modpacks and YouTube videos is always highly appreciated, as long as you credit me and leave a link to the download of the mod.

Thanks for checking out my mod and reading this far :D. Feel free to report any bug you find.


Download not working? You can download the latest version here:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/9lni2vbwm4idikl/Testium Mod [v. 0.5].jar?dl=0


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