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A mod that fixes Minecraft's huge issue of not being able to pet animals. It allows you to pet most passive mobs, as well as some others.


How to pet: Press Y (or your preferred petting button) to pet. Petting your own tamed mob, such as a wolf, cat, or parrot, heals both you and the mob.

All vanilla pettable mobs (a little outdated):



"Heal when petting a tamed mob" (defaults to true) - Set whether to heal you and your pet when petting it.

"Allow petting players" (defaults to true) - Set whether you can pet other players

"Petting cooldown (ticks)" (defaults to 30) - Set the cooldown in ticks for petting something. The default cooldown of 30 ticks corresponds to 1.5 seconds.


Entity tags:

There are three tags that you can use to change the mobs that are available to pet:

not_pettable (default is empty) - Entities that can never be pet

not_pettable_adult (default contains polar bears and hoglins) - Entities that can only be pet as babies

pettable_anyway (default is empty) - Entities that can be pet even though they normally are not pettable. Overwritten by not_pettable.



Modpack usage: Feel free, no need to ask.  


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