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Use Cofhs Redstone Flux to terraform your world (only changing the biome, no blocks are changed yet).



The biome hold by the TF blueprint will be the biome you stand in when you craft it.


How to use



First we need power. So connect a RF power source to one of the sides of the terraformer.



GUI parts


Than we can open the GUI and start terraforming

1. TF-blueprint slots

This is the part of the GUI where you can put your TF-blueprints.

2. Colorers

The colors of these boxes will change to the color of the TF-blueprint next to it. Than you can select a color by clicking on it. A black box will appear around the selected color. (Shift right clicking on a colorer will change every block in range to that color, shift left clicking will clear the main screen)

3. Main screen

With the color you selected above you can change the biome of every block around the terraformer seperately. Right click sets the selected block to the selected colorer, left click sets the block to the current biome.

4.Energy bar

This will display how mutch energy is in the terraformer.



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