A teleportation mod for Minecraft

At its core, this mod’s primary intention is to open up a way for players to travel large distances while still keeping balanced and interesting game play. Instead of teleporting a player from one platform to another, a new dimension called the Teletory was created. Players can use the Teletory for fast travel like the Nether but eight times faster. To maintain balance, the portal is expensive to build in the early game (costing 40 ender pearls) and once built requires enchanted armor to be used effectively.

Teletory Portal

A constructed Teletory Portal

Teletory Lore

Recently, a pack of miners happened upon an amazing discovery: a cache of ancient alchemists' scrolls left untouched for centuries. Upon investigating the scrolls, a revelation was found that Endermen travel through a parallel dimension where each meter in this dimension translates to sixty-four meters in our own dimension, allowing them to perform what looks like instantaneous teleportation. In the scrolls, there were notes explaining how to enter this dimension they dubbed the Teletory, allowing humans to achieve much faster transportation.

Teletory Surface

The Teletory

There are, however, some side effects. Humans take damage while in this dimension and if they do not use another Teletory portal, they will simply fall out of the sky far from home... More research of Enderman biology is required to find a way to overcome these issues. The scrolls also alluded that there are some enchantments you can place on boots that may reduce the amount of damage taken while in the Teletory.


A Teletory Portal in the Teletory



  • One meter in the Teleotory equates to sixty-four meters in the over world.
  • While in the Teletory, you will be continually taking damage as if you were teleporting using ender pearls. To be able to survive in the Teletory, wear armor that helps mitigate the damage from ender pearl teleportation. Standing on an Ender Block will shield you from taking damage in the Teletory, so carrying a few spare Ender Blocks could save the day. As of version 20, you can also use ender boots to aid in traversing the Teletory.
  • Jumping out of the Teletory does not send you into the void and is survivable; however, it is far from a safe means of travel.
  • Breaking ender blocks with a pickaxe drops a random amount of ender pearls; make sure to use a fortune or silk touch pick. Also, breaking ender blocks in the Teletory produces fewer drops.
  • To get between two points quickly in the overworld, Teletory portals can be linked together using a Teletory Portal Linker.

Linked Portals

Linked Teletory Portals (v21+)

Currently there is a bug "seemingly" in Minecraft that causes problems waking from a bed after teleporting large distances. Players can get stuck on the sleep screen with no way to close it except for closing the game. This bug can cause problems using linked Teletory portals that are far apart. We will be looking for a way to avoid this bug, but until we find one it is a good idea to logout and back in before sleeping after teleporting long distances.


Ender Block Recipe

Ender Block Recipe

To get started using this mod, you will need at least 40 Ender Pearls. Combining 4 Ender Pearls in a square will allow you to craft Ender Blocks that can be used to construct a Teletory Portal. Once you get the portal constructed, more ender pearls can be created by mining Ender Ore from the Teletory.

Ender Boots Recipe

Ender Boots Recipe

Four Ender Pearls can be used to craft Ender Boots. Ender Boots allow you to transverse the Teletory without taking damage and are an essential tool for exploring and building in the Teletory. However, every hit from which they protect you damages the boots. It is a good idea to make a couple pairs so that when they wear out you will have a backup. Ender Boots also help when using Ender Pearls.

Teletory Portal Linker Recipe

Teletory Portal Linker (v21+)

Teletory portal linkers are used to link two Teletory portals together. Once linked, a teletory portal will teleport the player to the other portal instead of into the Teletory. Players will take damage when using linked portals unless wearing ender boots. To link two portals together, first use the linker on one of the portals to be linked. The linker will be active and glow when a portal has been set up to be linked. Once you have an active linker use it on the other portal, linking the two portals together. Linked Teletory portals are slightly bluer and are more opaque. They also don't produce any portal particles.

Ender Ore Smelting

Teletory Pearl Smelting Recipe

Ender Ore can easly be found throughout the Teletory. Mining it with a diamond pick will drop the ore which can then be smelted in a furance to create a Teletory Pearl. Teletory Pearls are similar to Ender Pearls but are in an unrefined state. Throwing Ender Pearls will teleport you from one place to another, however Teletory Pearls only have enough power to teleport you to the Teletory. This can be a useful feature, allowing players to quickly telelport to the Teletory without a portal.

Teletory Pearl Smelting

Ender Pearl Smelting Recipe

Teletory Pearls can be further refined into Ender Pearls by smelting them in a furance. This can be a useful source of Ender Pearls for players that have not yet conquered the End.

Visit our GitHub to keep track of development progress.

Modpack Usage

Please feel free to include TeleToro in any modpack.  No need to ask for permission.


Change Log

  • v1.11-21
    • Teletory portals are now linkable
    • added Teletory Portal Linker
    • portals now collapse correctly when neighor blocks are broken (1.11+ bug)
    • portal cache improved
    • ender pearls no longer hurt the player when wearing ender boots
  • v1.11-20
    • added Ender Boots
    • players no longer take damage in the Teletory if standing on an Ender Block
    • fixed en_US.lang entries that broke in 1.11
  • v1.10.2-19:
    • The Teletory is no longer an empty void
    • Teletory Ore Block added
    • Teletory Pearl Item added
    • Improved portal teleportation logic
    • Decreased Endermite spawning rates
    • Decreased damage rate inflicted by the Teletory
    • Teletory portal now collapses when any of the portal blocks are broken