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Teleport Cube

  • Teleports entities that are adjacent to its face to a teleport destination, if set.
  • Acts as a teleport destination, receiving teleported entities in the block adjacent to its face.
  • Can store items in its 9-slot inventory. Right-click to access cube inventory.
  • Automatically mounts incoming players and other living entities to empty minecarts or boats stored in the cube's inventory.
  • If an unridden boat or empty minecart teleports to a Cube, the Cube will grab it and stick it in its inventory, if there is room.
  • Lapis edges of cube appear lit when a destination is defined.

And also:

  • 7 new mod configuration options.
  • Added support for cubes in /td commands.


  • All teleportation blocks (beacons, rails, cubes) must be powered by redstone in order to teleport entities to a destination. This requirement can be turned off in mod options screen.
  • All teleportation blocks emit light level 13 when powered, and light level 7 when not powered.
  • Teleport Rail has a new redstone rail texture alongside the lapis. The redstone appears lit when the rail is powered.
  • Teleport Rail crafting recipe has changed. Beacon ingredient position is now top center, and redstone is now required at bottom center.
  • Default particle effect is for sparkling teleport particles to appear above the beacon and rail, and adjacent to the facing side of the cube, instead of the particle vortex.
  • When a destination is defined, sparkling teleport particles will be pulled towards the base of the beacon and rail, and towards the facing side of the cube.
  • Spinning vortex only appears above beacons and rails when there is an incoming teleportation in progress.
  • Code refactoring adds new ITeleportationBlock for every teleport block to implement, expands ITeleportationTileEntity interface, and simplifies PacketUpdateTeleportTileEntity and PacketRequestUpdateTeleportTileEntity network messages so that all teleport blocks can use.