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Teleportation Works

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Welcome to the Teleportation Works Wiki

~~ Unlock the secrets of the Endermen! ~~

Teleportation Works is a mod that focuses on providing you, the weary traveler or hunter, with magical tools of teleportation. Craft Teleport Beacons and place them in your favorite locations in the world - in ANY dimension - so you or anyone else can teleport to them later using a Wand of Teleportation or even the area effect Splash Potion of Teleportation. Throw one of these potions at an entity, or shoot them with a Tipped Arrow of Teleportation from any bow, and instantly teleport the target to your active teleport destination. Lay down a Teleport Rail and instantly teleport a minecart and its passenger to any other Teleport Rail. Place a Teleport Cube and load up its inventory with empty minecarts or boats and watch players automatically ride them as they teleport in. So many possible uses, and more to come!

New in 2.2:

  • new Teleport Cubes teleport any entities that are adjacent to its face to another teleport destination.
  • Cubes can store items in their 9-slot inventory. Right-click to access cube inventory.
  • Cubes automatically mount incoming players and other living entities to empty minecarts or boats stored in the cube's inventory.
  • 7 new mod configuration options.

Changes in 2.2:

  • All teleportation blocks must be powered by redstone in order to teleport entities to saved destinations (configureable in mod options).
  • Teleport rails have a new recipe (see table below).

General Usage

When you right-click a newly placed beacon, cube, or rail with your wand, it will be added to your network of teleport destinations. Using this same process, you can also add teleport blocks that other players have placed to your network. Subsequent right-clicks on one of these blocks will toggle their inclusion in your network. Your Overworld spawn bed is added to your teleportation network automatically and cannot be removed.

This collection of teleport destinations is stored separately for each player, and therefore unique to each player. At any time, there is always one destination that is considered your active destination. Right-click in the air with the wand to display your current active destination. If that block or spawn bed cannot be found in the world, its name will appear grey instead of green. Shift-right-click (sneak) with the wand to cycle to the next destination in your network and make that one your active destination.

When you're ready to teleport to your active destination, equip your wand in either hand, and hold down your right mouse button to start charging it - same as you would to shoot an arrow from a bow. Once the wand is fully charged you will immediately teleport. If you try to teleport to a block that is no longer placed in the world (e.g. it is in a player's inventory, in a chest, or it was destroyed), it will be automatically removed from your network instead.

Note that teleporting uses up some of the durability of the wand! You might want to enchant it with Unbreaking and Mending to make it last longer before it needs to be repaired.

Setting a Teleport Destination (new in version 2.0!)

Beacons, cubes, and rails can be assigned a teleport destination. When an entity walks or lands on a Teleport Beacon, or next to the face of a Teleport Cube, or rides a minecart onto a Teleport Rail, the entity and any of its passengers will be teleported to the assigned destination. To assign a teleport destination to a teleport block, sneak and right-click on it with your Wand of Teleportation. Continue clicking to cycle through available teleport destinations, which are read from your teleportation network. The destination is automatically transferred to the block. To quickly clear the destination of a teleport block, sneak and left-click on it with your Wand of Teleportation.

In version 2.2 or later, note that teleport blocks must be powered by redstone in order for them to teleport.

Setting a Teleport Destination for a Bow of Teleportation (new in version 2.0!)

A Bow of Teleportation can also be assigned a teleport destination. Simply sneak and right-click while holding the bow to copy your current active destination to the bow. This destination will be used by any Bow of Teleportation equipped by the player when firing Arrows of Teleportation. To change, continue sneak-right-clicking to cycle through available teleport destinations from your teleportation network. Arrows of Teleportation used with vanilla Minecraft bows will always use the current active destination set by your Wand.


Recipe Table

Special Usage

Potions and Arrows In Dispensers

Both the Splash Potion of Teleportation and the Tipped Arrow of Teleportation can be used in dispensers. To be effective, you must set the teleport destination on the dispenser itself. To do so, shift-right-click (sneaking) on the dispenser with your Wand of Teleportation. Your currently active teleport destination will be set and stored in the dispenser. This is the destination where entities will be teleported if they are hit by a Tipped Arrow of Teleportation or in the splash range of the Splash Potion of Teleportation thrown from a dispenser. If you wish to change or clear the dispenser's teleport destination, keep right-shift-clicking on the dispenser until the desired destination is set or cleared. Alternatively, the dispenser's teleport destination will be cleared if you pick it up.

Teleporting While Riding Horses, Minecarts, and Boats

  • When you throw a Splash Potion of Teleportation, entities within the splash range that were riding other entities will still be riding them when the teleportation has completed, i.e. both entities will be teleported with their riding status preserved.
  • When you teleport using your Wand of Teleportation, you will still be a passenger of any entity that you were riding before the teleportation began.
  • When a Tipped Arrow of Teleportation hits an entity that is riding another entity, only the living entity that was hit will be teleported. Non-living entities and entities that were not hit by the arrow are not teleported.

There are many settings you can change in Mod Options to alter these teleportation rules.

Renaming Beacons, Cubes, and Rails in an Anvil

Teleport blocks are assigned a random name (letter + two digits) when they are first placed. You may find it useful to rename them using an anvil. These blocks can be picked up, renamed, and set down again at any time. If they were in your destination network before you renamed them, they will still work once you've set them back down. You do not need to re-add them to your network. The name will be updated automatically for other players, too, once those players attempt to list it, use it, or switch to it.

Console Commands

There are several console commands available for managing your teleport destinations. They all begin with "/td".

  • /td list [#] - lists all teleport destinations [or a destination specified by number] in your network, including name, location, and dimension
  • /td list [type] - lists all teleport destinations of a certain type in your network (valid types are: beacons, rails, or invalid)
  • /td delete # - deletes a teleport destination from your network
  • /td delete [type] - deletes all teleport destinations of a certain type from your network (valid types are: beacons, rails, or invalid)
  • /td delete all or **/td delete *** - deletes ALL teleport destinations from your network EXCEPT for your Overworld spawn bed
  • /td next [#] - changes active teleport destination to the next one in your list [or advances by # destinations]
  • /td prev [#] - changes active teleport destination to the previous one in your list [or backs up by # destinations]
  • /td # - changes active teleport destination to the number specified (as listed using /td list)

Mod Options

There are 28 mod options available as of version 2.2, settable by using the Mod Options interface in your launcher. These include options for what can be teleported by wands and splash potions; what can be saved as teleport destinations for beacons, cubes, rails, and bows; and many more. Hover over the label of each setting to get a description of what the setting affects.

Mod Usage

You have permission from the author to include this mod in mod packs, so long as no money is charged for said mod pack. Credit for the mod and a link to this project page is requested to be included with your distribution.

Future Plans

Some additional items and features that are planned include:

  • Versions for Minecraft after 1.12
  • More configuration options
  • Additional wand effects
  • ...and more!