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Telepates: Highly advanced teleportation.


-Movable and Teleportable

-Renameable and Shareable


WARNING: In version 1.2.5 new rendering system was introduced. For correct rendering of teleplates, you have to install CoFHCore. If you don't want to install it (or simply can't), you can always change your renderer version to 1 or 0 (in config file), which do not require CoFHCore.



Official MCF page with info always up to date.

Decription (for up to date desc, go to mcf page):

Getting started

You can continue reading, or you can watch this awesome spotlight by SCMowns:



Craft yourself some teleplates (default recipe):

Place it down:

Now, place another one somewhere else:

Now, depending on your config option you may or may not need to power them or it with rf, essentia or other things.


Here's example if only RF consumer is active:

If your rf usage option (configurable) is 0, skip these steps.

If it is 1 (default), then enrgy is shared accross all your teleplate, meaning at least one must to be powered.

If it is 2, each teleplate must be powered.

Attach cables from buttom of teleplate:

Charge it up!

Now stand on it, prepare yourself and look down to teleport:

(Stop looking down if you want to cancel teleportation).

After 5 seconds you will enter 5th dimension,

Teleplate selection gui will pop up:

If 2 teleplates have the same name, their coordinates will be shown next to name:

(You can force coordinates display in config)

Click on one where you wish to leave 5th dimension and press teleport button:


If teleplate is protected with password (more about protection later), you'll have to enter a password in order to be able to teleport:


Even more cool stuf


Allows you to enter 5th dimension from anywhere.

To enter 5th dimension from portable teleplate, hold right click and look down.
(You can be in motion while teleporting from portable teleplate)
If rf usage is 0, it does not require power.
If it is 1, it will drain power from network, network cannot be filled via portable teleplate.
If it is 2, it will drain power from itself, so it must be charged.


If essentia consomation manager is active and consomation type is 2 (use from itself),
Portable teleplates CANNOT be used!


Teleplates can be moved by frames and other things from different mods.
You can teleport to teleplate even if it was moved.


Teleplates can be telported using ae2 pylons, blood magic teleposers and others.
You can teleport to teleplate even if it was teleported.



Teleplate can be configured when right clicked with paper.

You can change their name, as well as access type.
Depending on access type, different people will be able to leave 5th dimension here.
Always, only owner can change teleplate's settings.


Private: only owner (you).
Public: anybody.
Protected: Depending on protection mode, password, white list or black list, different people can leave from this teleplate.
Protected mode WARNING:
Being owner does not mean that you can automatically teleport to teleplate. You still have to know password, add yourself in whitelist or remove from black list, if you want to teleport to this teleplate.
Password settings:
Type password in text box.


Black/white list settings:
Type player name in text box, and hit "Add" to add player.
To remover player, find his name in the list and click it holding ctrl.


When you are done, press "Confirm" button.


Other mods support

It can be powered by: RF, fluids, essentia (thaumcraft) or LP (Blood Magic).

Each consumer can be activated in config file.

Multiple can be active at once.

Permissions system

(enabled only on dedicated servers)
Allows you to give permissions to players:
-User: can teleport to this teleplate
-Moderator: can rename this teleplate
-Administrator: can break this teleplate and op others up to moderator level
-Owner: can do anything he wants with teleplate
To change/add permissions:
-First right click on teleplate with stick.
-Then hit with that stick players that you want to op (hit multiple times to cycle through levels).
-Then right click teleplate with this stick again to save permissions.

Network system

Complicated player based system that links teleplates, shares rf and more...
Example of teleplates net with 2 players, 1 energy source, 5 teleplates and 1 shared teleplate:



You can configure most aspects of mod, such as what to consume and how much, in Teleplates.cfg in config folder.

Note: i don't play very much, so suggestions of default consomation values are welcome.


Special Thanks

To senpaisubaraki for his mod telepads which inspired me to create teleplates.

Default teleplate recipe credit also goes to him.



Check out all my mods here: Elix'x mods hub!




If you like my mods, your support is very appreciated and will speed me up improving my mods!
If you would like to support me, you have 2 options, patreon is prefered one:




Teleplates by elix_x is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


I grant exception for mod showcases: you can monetize it (video) AND you need to redirect download to this page, you have my permission.

I also grant exception for modpacks: you can use this mod in any modpack, in condition of non commercial purpose (no ad, or other).

For other exceptions, you need to ask me.

In short, as long you aren't stated in exceptions:

You can make mod showcase/tutorial about this mod and monetize it.

You can make modpacks with this mod.



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