14,725 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 25, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Teckle is a tech mod that aims to add features from older mods that have since been abandoned, the first of which is item tubes a method of transporting items, if you ever used Redpower it's very similar to that. The mod is in active development and as such bugs are to be expected. Recipes are not currently listed on the wiki as they are subject to change, the mod does however have full support for JEI so install it to view recipes. You also need to install a mod that provides ores for all the recipes to function, I recommend Substratum or something like it.

Please report bugs here: https://github.com/elytra/Teckle/issues

The mod wiki is available here: https://github.com/elytra/Teckle/wiki/Item-Networks



This mod is open source and under a permissive license. All Elytra mods are, and as such, can be included in any modpack on any platform without prior permission. We appreciate hearing about people using our mods, but you do not need to ask to use them. See the LICENSE file for more details.


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