Sweet Tooth

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Sweet Tooth is a mod for Fabric Mod Loader that adds many new uses for everyone's favorite legal white powder, Sugar!


Firstly, some food:

- Smelting sugar in a furnace, smoker or campfire will give you Caramel.

- Combining Caramel, a Stick, and an Apple will give you a Caramel Apple! It gives the stick back when you eat it.

- Similarly, combining two Sugar with a Stick will give you Cotton Candy! It can then be dyed any color, similarly to leather armor! Here's a video showcasing it.

- Combining an Apple, Sugar and an Egg will give you Apple Pie.

- Combining Sweet Berries, Sugar and a Glass Bottle will give you Sweet Jelly. It gives the bottle back when you eat it.

- Combining Glow Berries, Sugar and a Glass Bottle will give you Glow Jelly. It gives the bottle back when you eat it, and may make you glow.

- Combining a Bucket of Milk, another empty Bucket, Cocoa Beans and Sugar will give you Chocolate Milk. It gives the bucket back and cures *only negative* effects when you drink it! Here's a video showcasing it in comparison to vanilla's Milk Bucket.

- Making a Cake with Chocolate Milk will give you a Chocolate Cake. No different from a regular cake, though. You can put candles on it, too, just like a regular cake.


But this isn't just a simple food mod! There are some other, non-edible things you can do with sugar...


- Combining Coal or Charcoal with two Sugar will give you Sugar Dusted Coal or Charcoal. It burns for 20 seconds longer, meaning 2 more item smelts in a Furnace, Smoker or Blast Furnace!

- Combining 9 Sugar gives you a Sugar Block. It reacts to gravity, and will dissolve back into Sugar if it touches Water. Here's a video showcasing it.

- Smelting a Sugar Block will give you Sugar Glass. It's more fragile than regular glass, so it can break if you jump on it or shoot projectiles at it too much! You can also make Sugar Glass Panes. Here's an (outdated) video showcasing them. Here's another one. Textures and mechanics have changes slightly since these videos were made.


I hope you enjoy! In moderation of course.


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a Forge mod! It does not work with Forge. It uses the Fabric Mod Loader (found here) in addition to the Fabric API. It will most likely never be ported to Forge. Do not ask for a Forge port! You will be ignored!


This mod requires Fabric Loader in addition to Fabric API.


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