Redstone Bits

4,201 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 13, 2019 Game Version: 1.15

Redstone Bits adds a few new Redstone utilities to Minecraft!


Currently, it adds three.


The Placer is much like a Dispenser, except it places a block that's inside its inventory. Like a Dispenser, it chooses it at random. It places it directly in front of itself when given a Redstone signal.


The Breaker, much like you'd expect, breaks the block in front of it when given a Redstone Signal. You can put a tool (or any item) into it, and it will use that tool to break the block. It takes time to break the block (the same amount of time the item inside would take), and the progress can be seen in its GUI (and sometimes in world? It's a little buggy with the rendering). You can cancel breaking a block by giving it another Redstone signal.


The Checker is more like an Observer. Sort of. Put blocks in its inventory, and it will output a signal if the block in front of it matches any of the ones in its inventory.


Using these, as well as vanilla blocks like Observers and Pistons, one can automate many things.



DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a Forge mod! It does not work with Forge. It uses the Fabric Mod Loader (found here) in addition to the Fabric API. It will most likely never be ported to Forge. Do not ask for a Forge port! You will be ignored!


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