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Suxen Lib


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Suxen is a library, almost a framework, with generic classes for fast mod creation.

Needed for some of the Alfomega_Luos mods.


Mods that need Suxen Lib:

Tank and Box: Bags, boxes and fluid tanks to organize your inventory and expand it.

Archicraft - Outer War: Automatic building mod with different architectural styles with buildings for militar, exploration and logistics.


Permissions and Modpacks

-Add this mod to a public or privated modpack, as long as you add the name of the mod (Suxen) and credit me (Alfomega) somewhere in the description or/and the list of mods.
-Make a review or traduction on a video, forum/blog post, etc. of the mod as long as you add the name of the mod (Suxen), credit me (Alfomega) and put a link to this page and/or to the download page somewhere.


-Re-distribute, de-compile or sell under any circunstance.
-Use it in a modpack or server which cost money to enter/get (Donations, Patreons, etc. are fine).


You can contact me (in english or spanish) if you have any question, suggestion or you find a bug.

If you want to see the To-Do for future versions, images of the things I'm actually doing and more, see my Patreon.