Survival Inc.

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Survival Inc.

Tired of the all-same routine every day? Do you want something more... let's say, special? Wait no more! Survival Inc. corporation, in association with Steve&Steve industries, is pleased to present you the newest product in our line!


Survival Inc. mod is a mod focusing on providing generic survival related stats, such as body heat, hydration, and mental sanity. This mod is mainly focused to make minecraft a little more challenging, even at late game. All this awesomeness comes thanks to our cooperation with Klein Enterprises' "Don't Die-because-you-forgot-to-eat" game. Therefore, all stats in this mod are at least a little bit influenced by the ones present in their game. And it was totally not a business espionage, our staff assures you.

Some shady details:

This mod is, in fact, a continuation (or revival) of SchopCraft, a mod by Schoperation. In fact, the code was forked from his repository on Github, but it was heavily modified since then to the extent that you can hardly find an unmodified line. Be sure to also check up on Schoperation. He is a very cool guy :)


IMPORTANT: About bugs/issues/feature requests

Have you found any bug or issue with this mod? Do you have a specific feature request? Please, do NOT use the comment section on curseforge for reporting bugs. Use the "issues" tab on the curseforge page, which will take you to the github issue page. You can report whatever concerns you about the mod there.



Not convicted yet? Well, look at few features Survival Inc. provides:

Body Heat stat, stating how warm you feel

  • Directly corelates with the biome you're in
  • Caves tend to have relatively stable temperature
  • Heat exchange rate is also influenced by your wetness. You know, water is more conductive than air.
  • Leather armor has proven to be a good thermal insulant. It will surely keep you warm in freezing weather!
  • If you're feeling cold, just create some fire!
  • Lava and operating furnaces can also provide sufficient warmth
  • Staying in close proximity to lava can overheat you. Turns out you can burn even when not standing directly in a lava puddle.

Hydration stat, showing how (not) thirsty you are

  • Excess body heat can induce a lot of sweating!
  • You can bring the water with yourself! Just throw in some leather and you have a nice water canteen!
  • Don't want to kill these poor cows? No problem! You can drink water directly from rivers and lakes!
  • Going on a vacation to nether without some water is also not a good idea!
  • The nature is unforgiving. Forgetting your water canteen means you signed your testament.

Mental Sanity, or how crazy you are

  • Staying in a spooky environments is not, well, normal...
  • Did I just see a face staring at me from the darkness?
  • Staying awake long in night also isn't very good for you
  • Being dipped in water-soaked clothing can be very annoying!
  • After all, the nether vacation the travel company has been offering to you isn't such a good idea
  • On the other hand, animals (and other players) tend to make very good companions!
  • Noone in this world wants to be alone! Taming pets can only be good for your sanity! Now, petting your pets will give you 4x more sanity!
  • Going out of your mind? Well, it can't kill you. But after you experienced it, you will want to kill yourself anyways.

Wetness, or how deeply drenched in water you are

  • Bathing in your clothing causes it, well, to soak up the water
  • The nature can be merciless, and so the rain also gets into your clothing
  • Being wet increases the rate at which you dissipate heat. In other words, you can get badly cold if bathing for too long!
  • We all have taken physics classes. Water is heavy. Too much water, and you are also as heavy.
  • Too much water on you? Just use our patented Towels! Guaranteed to absorb at most 40% of your wetness! Well, at most... Who has written this?
  • Are your towels just way too... soaked up? Just drop them on top of your surface and watch that water evaporating in front of your eyes!


Ghost Mode

Do you think the respawn mechanic in Minecraft is just way too simple? Have you ever thought how this can be exploited by some players? Damn, have you ever asked any meaningful questions? Anyway, the waiting is over! Survival Inc. has also though about this, and our R&D team has brought up a very good question: "Dude, do you thing there is a life after the death?" Our answer to this question is: "Yes, there IS!". With our patented devices, we created a realm for ghosts to freely roam the landscapes. In reality, the ghosts are just slightly irradiated and heavily ionized souls of the players. This way, it effectively denies them to grow up a new body immediately. Instead, the ghastly soul needs to wander around the landscape, searching for our patented devices which can be used to revive those poor souls. And our devices are totally not powered by any sort of magic power whatsoever. Don't ever listen to those journalists. They just want all the fame for themselves.

Inside Survival Inc. business tactics department, we are considering transporting the ghost devices into a separate corporate division, therefore lightening those guys beefing up the stats system. But those guys in fancy suits have not yet decided what to do. As such, we are focusing on our own work for now.

As of now, the ghost mode is disabled by default. We at Survival Inc. are working hard on fixing it, to make it available to you as soon as possible.


Contrary to popular belief, the world is certainly NOT that flat and even more certainly isn't completely constant. Things change. And we change with them. Damn philosophers and their "Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis". Anyways, the scientists here at Survival Inc. have proven the existence of some periods in time, which they decided together to call them the "Seasons". They are basically periods in time that change. According to one employee who states he "overheard their murmurs", they discovered they are roughly 14 days long. Also, he states that one may not want to be out in the winter. What a fool! Does he really think some "Winter" can beat a person in "full-dia", just because some nonsense called "heat conductivity"? Pfft!


Do you have an awesome idea in your mind that may help to improve the mod in any degree? Don't hesistate, and open up an issue on our github repository! Don't have a github account? No problem! Just contact the mod author by e-mail. You can find the e-mail address on the Github profile page of the mod creator.


Our team of programmers at Survival Inc. has also thought about other programmers out there. We have provided a whole-new API for interacting with the stats using a centralized manner. As such, you may use Survival Inc. mod for developing whole new stats. For better overview of the API, see the wiki (our monkeys are currently working very hard on it).

Legal (Jokes Aside)

The name of the project is a unique name made up by Enginecrafter77. The name was chosen for the survival nature of the mod's influence on the main game. Any possible match with a real company with name "Survival Inc.", or a similar-enough name is purely coincidental, and certainly not intended to break trademark law or any other laws available to be misused.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to the following people (for contributing a noticeable proportions of the mod):

  • Schoperation for the original mod
  • cyberpunkbln for the NBT canteen rework
  • APengu for Russian and Ukrainian translations
  • 1_Cavman for a new sanity icon
  • Minecraft forge team for making this possible


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