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I am no longer working on this mod, so it shall hereby be abandoned.

Thank you all for your support, whether it's through bug reports, feature requests, comments, or a simple download.

Fortunately, someone was kind enough to roll up their sleeves and continue the project.

You can check out their project here.


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Here's my first mod. Well, my first published mod. I've got a bunch of random mods tucked inside my java workspace but never mind that.


So... what is this?


SchopCraft is a mod influenced heavily by the EnviroMine mod, the Tough As Nails mod, and the external game Don't Starve. It's intended to make Minecraft harder, cooler, and something in-between.


I've played Minecraft for quite a while and I wanted more challenge in it, like Don't Starve. EnviroMine was very cool, but it seemed... messed up. Plus it was unfortunately discontinued. I had no idea that Tough as Nails existed before making this mod, so I took a look at that and it had great stuff. This mod basically combines EnviroMine and Tough as Nails and (some of) Don't Starve into one.


Implemented so far are the mechanics of temperature, thirst, sanity, wetness, and... being a ghost.

Let's go into more detail:



Not a new concept, but a good one. Extreme heat and cold are both things in this mod. Can be configured to show Celsius or Fahrenheit.



Like temperature, not a new concept. But here is thirst again, in this mod. Works like expected. Cauldrons act as rain collectors. Slow but sure.



Here we go, an unusual mechanic. It was in EnviroMine, but all you needed were flowers. This time, it's deeper than that.



No, it's not that. It's a measure of how drenched you are in water. It's in Don't Starve, and it's in this mod. It's not game-breaking but it helps.



If you were to die, you'll respawn at the same spot... as a ghost. ooOoooooOoo spooky

This will be expanded so it's not completely stupid. But for now, be careful. Don't die. It sounds like some stupid advice but it's good.



There aren't many mods that feature seasons, but this is one of them.












As of now, I haven't done anything special to be compatible with other mods. Tell me if I should.

Temperature and seasons should work with mods that add biomes, as it uses the temperature of the biome as a base (which every biome should have by now).


This obviously isn't compatible with mods that add thirst/temperature/sanity/whatever like Tough as Nails. Well, it is, but it's weird having two thirst bars.


This mod can be run in singleplayer and multiplayer. For multiplayer, the server and every client need the mod installed.




This mod will soon be highly configurable. It pretty much is right now and will have plenty more config options in the near future. 


This is technically a Work-In-Progress (WIP), so major additions WILL arise.


Major changes MAY arise.

That's why I put it under alpha. Though I shouldn't, because it's pretty stable. Still, keep in mind that it's a WIP.

Stuff I wanna add:


-Magic stuff... or "magic". It uses that lucid stuff.

-Adventure Mode. The adventure mode in Don't Starve is very cool. I don't know if this'll be in the final version, but the other stuff definitely will.


Click here for the dead Minecraft forum thread


You may use this in a modpack. Give me credit for the individual mod if you're a nice person.

You may record with this mod, either playing it or showcasing it or throwing it in a dumpster.

Like many programmers, I'm not a lawyer, and my art isn't that good. If you've got good intentions, NOT just for yourself or your party, you're probably fine.


Special thanks to:

-Adubbz and Forstride for making Tough As Nails and Biomes O' Plenty, awesome, awesome mods.
-Klei Entertainment for making Don't Starve, something I've played way too much.
-Funwayguy, GenDeathrow, thislooksfun, and TimbuckTato for making Enviromine. In my opinion the mechanics were pretty messed up, but they were still very cool. Plus, high configurability. Very important.

-cyberpunkbln for doing a cool rework of the canteen with NBT.

-APengu for Russian and Ukrainian translations.



Thanks for checking this out! Consider downloading!



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