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Filename supplementaries-1.16.5-0.13.0.jar
Uploaded by MehVahdJukaar
Uploaded Jun 4, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 5.02 MB
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MD5 4e089c5795f6025bb033b1438162cd9e
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


v 0.13.0: Gravel & Goblets mini update


- Added Goblets, a new decoration item that can hold 1 bottle of fluid.


- Added Raked Gravel, a new path like block that can be obtained by hoeing gravel. Can be curved (a bit like rails) to create interesting patterns


- Added custom map decorations:

you can now use maps on beacons, lodestones, respawn anchors, beds, condiuts, portals, sign posts and flags to place a custom icon on a map. Some of those blocks eve support naming ability allowing the name itself to be displayed on the map.


- Added the ability to bottle up experience by shift right clicking with a bottle on an enchanting table. Doing so will cost some health.


- Added brass lantern that shows up when you have Create installed




- Greatly optimized globe & blackboard renderers making those block much less laggy & demanding.


- Hourglass can how hold slime & honey. Their properties can now be customized thoroughly via their new config potions


- Cog blocks now have a proper redstone tint that depends on their current power like redstone


- Turn tables light no longer indicates if they are powered but instead shows if they are performing a rotation, making it easier to tell the two apart.


- Pulleys now also accept blocks from a dedicated "chains" tag


- Added some integration with farmers delights


- Reformatted and improved many configs


- Item shelves can now be placed onto any block




- removed many jsons for recipes, loot tables & models belonging to next major update so they don't annoy with forge log spam


- Fixed some recipes (including one that prevented banner duplication)


- Fixed some crash related to jars


- Fixed s button placement with other mods



- Flax upper stage can no longer be bonemealed

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